Here are my thoughts on the adult publication, Teen Beat Off Magazine. It’s a parody magazine created by Brian Mitchell. It’s funny to see the celebrities in sexual ways but it’s even better to see them in sexual ways with their co-stars in their respective venues. Check out the magazine at:

10 thoughts on “Teen Beat Off Magazine – UNCUT Review

  1. please do blog in the nude! oh! an goto my you tube channel k’s gay vids an hobs and tell your fans thanx!

  2. Ah, this takes me back to my younger days. I remember those mags and me thumbing thru them while I dreamed about very naughty things. LOL

  3. Could you please scan the entire books and post the pics?! I’ve looked everywhere for what it looks like inside, but I can’t ever find anything good… You would be the best if you did!

  4. Brian is a friend of mine and he does some amazing stuff! The two of us did an entire issue called Hair Envy, starring the Bone-us Brothers. It was really fun to do AND a great read, comic style!

  5. Awesome review!

    This does seem like a fun, tongue-in-cheek sort of way. And as always, it was great hearing you talk about geeky, sexy stuff. 🙂

  6. This looks really great. And really funny.
    Actually, back in the day those magazines like Tiger Beat and 16 magazine were about the closest you could get for gay porn…at least to a 14 year old like I was back then. 16 magazine even had a reputation for being a little racy. They famously had a pic of Rick Springfield with the top button of his pants undone. They always had shirtless pics of male stars (Tiger Beat had that as well)…And there were rumours that the publisher of 16 had her way with a few of the young male stars.
    There was one pic that if it were published today the magazine would be shut down. They had a fold out of a nude…yes nude…member of the Bay City Rollers who was about 15 at the time. The only thing covering him was a long tartan scarf that they wore on stage. But he was naked. Leif Garrett also posed nude as a parody of the famous Burt Reynolds nude in Cosmopolitan magazine. I don’t know if any teen magazine published the pic but it was out there. And, of course, Rolling Stone had David Cassidy nude on the cover of their magazine but I don’t know if that counts since it was Rolling Stone.
    So, even tho Teen Beat-off magazine might be an over the top parody…it still may have a bit of truth to it.

    Good stuff…!

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