Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – First Images – ARG! It’s In the New 52 Animated Universe! WHY?!

Teen Titans Judas Contract is a very well known story for the Teen Titans. An animated movie based on this storyline has been teased all the way back to 2006. So when Warner Brothers announced that they will finally go ahead and make this film in 2016, many fans were ecstatic. We just got the first images and official voice actors being named with their characters, and it’s not going to be a stand along movie with the original Teen Titan characters as many were hoping but instead be a part of the New 52 animated universe. What are they thinking?!

Has DC Comics not learned that their New 52 Universe in the comic books failed? Miserably. Dan Didio along with Jim Lee who are Co-Publishers of DC Comics, tried so hard to get fans on board to like the New 52 Universe and it did not pan out. The new Rebirth plot has luckily revived a huge interest in DC to explain away all of the changes that were made to the old universe. It would make sense to drop the New 52 that in the animated world as well. There are many stand alone DC animated stories that have been made and are incredible well done. I was personally hoping that this story would be one of them. It deserves it. But it is not to be. Such a missed opportunity.

If you are not aware, the original Judas Contract focused on the betrayal of Titan member Terra. Turns out this character who had faked a love interest in Changling/Beast Boy, was working for Deathstroke the Terminator, aka Slade Wilson. Terra was introduced in The New Teen Titans #26 all the way back in 1982. Her betrayal was a huge reveal and was something that effected the Titans for years.

It should be noted that the Teen Titans Cartoon Network series loosely adapted the Judas Contract in their own series. It was enjoyable and surprisingly very dark. The cast for the upcoming version of the Judas Contract include: The Judas Contract include: Christina Ricci as Terra, Miguel Ferrer (who just recently passed) as Deathstroke. Sean Maher as Nightwing, Kari Wahlgren as Starfire, Jake T. Austin as Blue Beetle, Taissa Farmiga as Raven, Brandon Soo Hoo as Beast Boy, and Stuart Allan as Damian Robin. No Cyborg, Wally West – Kid Flash, or Donna Troy. For some reason DC really has no love for Donna in the animated world, and she such a great character. The movie is expected to be released in late 2017.

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3 thoughts on “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract – First Images – ARG! It’s In the New 52 Animated Universe! WHY?!

  1. I am so sick of the lack of respect DC continues to throw at Teen Titans. First a shitty teen titans go cartoon now this. If not for TT DC almost went out of biz. They were the only book DC against X-Men. Month after month it was a battle for top sales between these two. Judas contract deserves to be Wildman Perez. It is the origin of Nightwing for cripes sake. I hate 52 and will not watch this POS

  2. I just… *facepalms*

    Oh, well. After well over a decade of teasing, they’re making the movie, but I suppose we should expect that they would feel obligated to put one huge, obviously stupid thing into it. And that would be the setting. Kinda hard to overlook this one, Didio.

  3. New Teen Titans was my favorite comic growing up and Judas Contract was such an incredible story. I am VERY disappointed that this is a New 52 adaptation. I really wanted this to be in it’s own universe so we can see the actual story in animated form. Donna Troy is also my favorite character and she hasn’t had any animated representation in decades (the 60s Teen Titans cartoon). Plus the fact that Dick is already Nightwing in the film is disappointing. Judas Contract is when he switched from Robin to Nightwing. Are they even going to have Jericho in this? I probably won’t watch it.

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