The Boys – A Very Adult Comic Book Series is Coming to Cinemax!

Seth Rogan

According to, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are bringing the Wildstorm/Dynamite Comic Book series known as The Boys to Cinemax. Holy crap this will be interesting. This comic book series was written by Garth Ennis, who is also known for making Preacher which is coming to AMC. A Cinemax show means that The Boys can curse, they can beat the hell out of each other and show all of the graphic sexualness that the comic book series detailed. This includes lots of hetero and gay sex.

The-Boys vs Seven

Who are the Boys? Imagine Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, but much a smaller organization that is much quicker to become physical and they all have been given super soldier serums called Compound V that gives them the capabilities to take down a superhero themselves if needed. They watch over and minimize the damage done by the superhero community. Which the superheroes are all corrupt, vain and selfish. They live in a world where they barely pass as superheros. There is a lot of sex, a lot of blood and no remorse. It was a great series!


One of the main characters who’s name is Hughie Campbell, resembles Simon Pegg in real life and hopefully he will be cast as this character. He may be a bit too old at this point, but he would still be great in this role. The series starts up with this universe’s version of the Flash, A-Train, accidentally running into Hughie’s girlfriend and crushing her into a wall as he was fighting a supervillain. He ran so fast into her that her arms were ripped off while he was hold her, leaving the limp arms in his hands. A-Train then takes off with the assumption that the local authorities can handle it from there.


There was a spin off mini-series called The Boys: Herogasm. This was dedicated almost completely to just being a huge orgy between the superheroes. It was not a necessary read for the main story in the Boys, but it did help with some explanation of the overall storyarc that had a beginning, middle and end to the series.

The Boys

So this is great. Plus, Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are both geeks themselves and I believe that they would hold the TV series true to the comic. Plus we all know that Rogan does not shy away from gay sex, so that would definitely be included into this show. I do not know how they can get away with a Superman-like character and show him as being one of the worst, most selfish superheroes ever to have lived, but I am excited to see their take on it. I may have to go back re-read all of this series again. What do you think? Can it be done well?


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  1. I loved The Boys. Especially their twisted take on superheroes (the G-Men was especially disturbing). I’m sure they’ll make some changes but I’m looking forward to the TV series.

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