The Defenders – Promo Pics and Luke’s Bicep

Entertainment Weekly posted some new pics for the Marvel Defenders series coming out. I know we’re not supposed to like pictures that objectify women (Jessica is turned so the viewer can see her ass), but can we appreciate Luke Cage’s bicep? Holy fuck!!! Yes please, more of him shirtless and please show more promos of him all sexified in the upcoming season of the Defenders. I can’t wait to see this series!

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5 thoughts on “The Defenders – Promo Pics and Luke’s Bicep

  1. Two things I also noticed:
    1) To the right – We Accept Insurance…PAIN relief *laugh*
    2) Also to the right – New Mandarin Court – Is this an easter egg?

  2. They should’ve had the actor playing Luke Cage shirtless and the actor playing Iron Fist with his shirt completely open.

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