The DILF Diaries Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from

John Magnum is back at and he’s a DILF this time around! He takes on his “son’s” buddy – Beaux Banks. Both these guys are fucking hot as hell and this was a great scene to have John back. Check out my thoughts on the attached video.

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This scene stars: John Magnum and Beaux Banks

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4 thoughts on “The DILF Diaries Part 1 – UNCUT Scene Review from

  1. john magnum is THE epitome of a virile, hairy man. it is always a pleasure viewing him, as he always delivers intense performances. he is more appealing when his body is hairy instead of smooth. his best ever scene was with samuel colt… watching these two muscular, hairy men was a treat. any scene with a hairy john magnum is a winner and worth watching. it would be great to see him in scenes with brad kalvo, jake deckard, and other hairy mature men. bareback scenes would be good to watch also.

  2. john magnum is the epitome of a masculine, virile and well built man. he always delivers intense performances. he is definitely more appealing when he is hairy. not really attractive in him when he is smooth. the best ever scene of john magnum was with samuel colt. watching these two
    hairy and well built men was excellent.

  3. I remember John Magnum. He was pretty big over on Jake Cruise and Cocksure Men several years ago. Seeing Johnny Rapid come back in got me to laugh (in a good way), but I do wish that Johnny could have joined in as well. Or, that Johnny would have come back in and not realized John Magnum was fucking his friend because they’d moved positions so that Johnny couldn’t see them very well.

    Thanks for doing this review, Paulie. You know I love your porn reviews!

  4. This was an awesome episode. Like you I love John magnum. I was a little disappointed that It wasn’t a three way scene. he even invited Johnny to join them. It was surprising because Johnny could have been his step son or like they did with the Spider-Man parody father and son could be tops. Btw will you be reviewing Dog House from Hot house? There’s a scene were beau is wearing pup gear and been splack by Seth santoro.

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