’s third scene from The Imposter series recently came out. We now have a conclusion to the series. At least I think so. Check out my review for it, hosted by

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This scene stars: Chris Harder

Chris Harder

Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen

4 thoughts on “The Imposter Part 3 – UNCUT Review

  1. Guiche is a horizontal piercing in the perineum. Makes it near impossible to ride a bike for any length of time.

    Btw not a big orgy fan

    1. Thanks! I did not know that. How do you pronounce Guiche? Is it like Goo-chee?

      Also, have you been in an orgy before? I’ve never been in one myself, always wanted to though. So I guess it’s just wishful thinking on my part that I think they must be fun.

      1. An orgy can be fun, but they’re also a lot of hard work. Porn makes it look simple enough because they have directors behind the cameras giving instructions, and because of the power of editing. Mistakes get taken out of the finished product while, in real life, you have to live with the embarrassment. Bodies tend to connect a lot, so there are lots of changes for elbows and knees to collide with sensitive areas. Still, they can be fun.

        Just don’t expect your first orgy to go smoothly, or be exactly the way you’ve seen them in porn videos.

        Also, also… here is how you pronouce guiche, at least according to YouTube:

  2. wince I’m really not into those little below-the-ball piercings. Might be good for some people, but it’s not for me. I think “OUCH!” every time I see one in a porn film.

    Who wants to see a great big orgy? Who wants to see a Men dot com orgy? Who wants to see the Gay Comic Geek in a Men dot com orgy!?

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