The Magnificent Seven Trailer – Chris Pratt as a Cowboy!


I used to be big into westerns as a kid. Although I was more into modern westerns, but still I enjoy older ones when I get a chance to watch them. I saw the original Magnificent Seven, but I have yet to see the original Japanese movie that it was based on, called the Seven Samurai. But it is on the to-do list. Even still, the cast of the NEW Magnificent Seven movie looks great. I am not just saying that because Chris Pratt is in it. Although he helps. But we also get Denzel Washington, who is one the greatest actors of all time. And seeing him reunite with Ethan Hawke is also great. Plus we get an actual Native American, Martin Sensmeier who is Tlingit-Athabascan, playing a role as one of the seven. We also get South Korean actor Lee Byung (GI Joe) who plays an assassin. And we get Mexican actor Martin Sensmeier. So a great diverse cast which is a start in the right direction at least. I am hoping for the best. Oh yeah and of course we also get the Kingpin, Vincent D’Onofrio in this. He also worked with Pratt in Jurassic World. This could be awful. Let’s find out! The movie comes out September 23, 2016.

2 thoughts on “The Magnificent Seven Trailer – Chris Pratt as a Cowboy!

  1. This looks sick. It has at least 2 great things about it and they are sexy chris pratt and my favorite type of men cowboys

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