The Nephew Lucio Saints.Movie_Snapshot has a lot different types of porn on their site. Most of it is in Spanish, but luckily they have pretty good subtitles. Usually. This one did not have that, but it’s ok, we get the gist of it. The uncle, played by Lucio himself, goes in and fucks his nephew. Bam, awesome!

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This Stars: Lucio Saints

Lucio Saints

Marcos Sanz

Marco Sanz

3 thoughts on “The Nephew – Lucio Saints UNCUT Scene Review

  1. I love Lucio saints scenes. This one is super hot. I agreed with you not a lot of studios do this scenes. Right now the only ones I know are doing them are Joe Gage with the Doctor and Dads series and Dad …. Series with Allen silver. Also C1R, Chichi larue has done a couple in recent years like fucked by our fathers, daddy it hurts and daddy chasers to name a few. You should check them out.

    Btw are you going to continue review city boys from Lucio? I enjoyed the whole 8 parts but I would love to hear your thought with part 5-8

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