The UNCUT Vid from the AGayCollab – Little Man fucks Big Man Sex Tape

Here’s the UNCUT Version of the vid that was sent to me from Sam and James.

Check out Sam and Jame’s vids at: It’s totally worth it!

Thanks Jasun for letting me host the vid at

24 thoughts on “The UNCUT Vid from the AGayCollab – Little Man fucks Big Man Sex Tape

  1. I would never let that bitch take tyler away… Dude your stupid… Smack that bitch fuck… dumb ass..

  2. OMG. That was hotter than the ninth circle of hell and incredibally funny. I don’t know whether to laugh or jack-off, guess I’ll do both at the same time. The first video I saw of the two was “This is Christopher Leaf” and I thought, wow, that dude is hot and she has some tiggle bitties, but that dude in his underwear was hot, wish I could see more. Then I saw the wondermann video, hotter still. But wow, this one took the cake, not only are you hot a hell James, but you have an outrageously cool sense of humor, which makes you even hotter!

  3. From the minute James started being in Samantha’s vids I loved him. He is not my type, but undeniably hot. Also, his sense of humor is soooo twisted. If you haven’t seen it, check out the strip tease dance he did for an audience. 😉 Magic mike worthy moves.

  4. That is TOO Fracking Funny and yeah a bit hot love James’ tattoos!! and the rest of him too LOL!!

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