TitanMen – Jacked Up! – A Flash from the Past!


TitanMen.com has produced many badass movies in the past. This movie came out a bit before I knew the differences in porn companies, but after watching a scene from a compilation vid from their Clusterfucked Vol. 1, I realize that Director Brian Mills was a legend! Check out this intro clip:

If anything, I want to see the full vid, just to see the behind the scenes work. This classic movie from Titanmen.com, which includes additional hardcore footage only available online, is digitally remastered with additional behind the scenes footage. The hard bodied guys in this car repair garage are always using their tools, but never seem to work on any cars. Tits get tuned up with pliers, balls are torqued with weighty wrenches, the tool chest is stuffed with dildos, and the work-pit and front office are jumpin’ with a four way fuck-stack and a sweaty gangbang. Tattooed Eddie Moreno wants customer service delivered fast and hard, and long-haired garage boss Joe Hix makes sure he’s wracked with pleasure and pain. When Steve Carlisle clocks in for work, foul-mouthed Joe piston fucks his hairy blond hole. Jack Simmons’ big black crankshaft is a center of attention, and two studs in the john are pissing rivers everywhere but in the urinal. When a snott y kid with a cell phone stuck to his ear complains his car isn’t ready, he’s tied up to the pit rack and cooled off with a stinging shower of piss and abuse. It’s just a normal workday for eight tool obsessed, super horny workmen, who keep their valves wide open and well lubed. Over two hours of twisted tool play and hot garage action.





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