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Tom Holland Cast as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

Recently Deadline reported that Spider-Man star Tom Holland will be Nathan Drake in the upcoming Uncharted movie. This looks to be a prequel story to Nathan. So it could be great. I am sure that Holland will do a great job and I will wait to see how he does it.

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Just for fun, here’s some costumers doing some great Nathan Drake cosplaying below.

3 thoughts on “Tom Holland Cast as Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

  1. Yeah, I was gonna say that everybody’s just gonna assume he’s playing a young version of the character. I wonder if this is a Nathan Drake origin movie. I’m kinda suck of origin stories. I want more adventure focused stories.

  2. The studio probably wants to make this a film series so they hired someone young like Tom Holland. Plus he’s a big name right now with Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out soon. He does seem a little too young for the part. I do think it’s a missed opportunity that they didn’t cast Nathan Fillion. That would’ve been fun to see him as Nathan Drake.

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