Top to Bottom – Will Braun aka Peter Parker – UNCUT Scene Review

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Finally, we get to see star, Will Braun bottom for the first time! Maybe I’m too excited about this, but I’ve only seen him do scenes where he’s a top. It’s kinda nice to see him bottom for a change. I think everyone should be versatile. His partner in crime this go around is Christian Wilde. Pretty impressive and this was a hot scene! Check out my thoughts on it in the vid below.

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This scene stars: Christian Wilde and Will Braun

Christian Wild

Will Braun

4 thoughts on “Top to Bottom – Will Braun aka Peter Parker – UNCUT Scene Review

  1. Will Brawn is my new new flavour of the month! Though, I think I’m a bit biased because of a new friend I made a few months back through mutual acquaintances.
    He looks very similar to Will Braun. My friend is 19yo, nice build, has those eyes. Unfortunately straight, but after a night of partying, he,s ended up in my bed just in und underwear.

    I have some embarrassing pictures of him from those two encounters..

  2. I like that Wilde was slow and very gentle with Will at first. It got me into what was going on and helped me believe that this really was Braun’s first time bottoming.

    Great review, Paulie, as per always! 🙂

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