Have you seen the trailer for the new Cloververse movie Underwater? If not you should as it is literally a nightmare I have had several times. This new addition to the Cloverfield Universe (Cloververse) takes place underwater in what appears to be some sort of HUGE underwater station. From what I can gather from the trailer it just starts off as a team of oil drillers doing their thing of drilling oil and what not when they drill to far. This is very much giving off a Alien vibe.

If you don’t know what the Cloververse is it is the monster universe that started off with the movie Cloverfield. Other movies in the universe include 10 Cloverfield Lane and the Netflix Original Cloverfield Paradox. Some fans have even speculated or even writers have hinted on other movies being a part of the universe such as Overlord and A Quiet Place. The universe even shares hints that it takes place in the Pacific Rim universe as there are several theories that put them in the same place with this new movie showing that it is possible. Being that it takes place underwater where the Kaiju monsters appear from in the PR franchise. I for one am excited for this one to come out as it takes on a fear that I myself have with deep underwater settings.

The movie stars Kristen Stewart of the Twilight Saga and TJ Miller of the Deadpool movies. It will be released on January 10th, 2020 and no rating has been given yet.