Watts the Safeword – Guys You Meet Online

Watts the Safeword

Amp and Bolt go through the different types of guys you meet on dating apps. Damn, some of these are very familiar. They go through some interesting statistics and some really interesting scenarios. What are of guys have you met?

Check out their YouTube page at: YouTube.com/WattstheSafeWord

2 thoughts on “Watts the Safeword – Guys You Meet Online

  1. Who’s the ginger on the right?! Im totally crushing hard right now!

    Also, I have never had a successful hookup on an app. They’re always the asshole “masc only; handbags shouldn’t fall out of your mouth when you talk” guys. To which I say: well I guess your dick won’t be falling out of my mouth either, douche dongle! Seriously, what is with this crazy hyper-masculine obsession everyone is having right now!? Sorry for the rant. It’s everywhere! lol

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