What Do You Want in the Wonder Woman Movie?


With the 50/50 reception of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Brothers has moved up the release of the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie to June 2, 2017. It is only a couple of weeks, but it is noticeable. It seems as though you either love BvS or you hated it. Wonder Woman was probably the greatest part of the movie. She is also arguably the third most popular comic book superhero of all time and the most popular female superhero ever. Every one knows Wonder Woman, even the most novice of a geek knows of the famous Amazon. However she has never received a legitimate full screen treatment that her Superman/Batman brothers have gotten numerous times through the years. The biggest argument is that she is a female hero and large entertainment companies have been hesitant to make female superhero movies. Even Marvel has not had their first female solo movie yet. It is still disappointing that Black Widow is only playing second stringer in all the superhero flicks.

Linda Carter

Diana (Prince) has had a successful TV show in the 70s that catapulted its star, Linda Carter, into the hearts and minds of audiences everywhere. She is still thought of to this day as Wonder Woman. It has helped that Carter has aged very gracefully and still looks wonderful. Although she was not the first to be portrayed as Wonder Woman as there was a TV movie made before this that starred Cathy Lee Crosby. But that’s another story altogether.

WW Preview

The plot and many scenes for the upcoming Wonder Woman solo movie has already been filmed. But that does not mean that the movie is complete. There is over a year of filming and editing to continue on making it great. So many people know the origin of Batman and Superman as it’s been retold dozens of times, but the average person does not know Wonder Woman’s origin. Although granted, her origin has changed several times depending on the DC Universe. Will she be made from clay and imbued with the powers of the Goddesses of Greek Mythology? Will she be the daughter of Zeus? Something new altogether? Will she have a sister? Will Linda Carter get a cameo role? So many questions.


From the little teasers we have seen, it looks like Diana will be in “Man’s World” for some time. So the movie could be set in several time periods to show that she has been here for quite some time. The hype behind this movie is up there and the stakes are high. If this fails, we might not get another Wonder Woman movie for some time. What would you want in this movie? What do you think needs to be included so that all viewers will be satisfied?

WW 2WW 3

3 thoughts on “What Do You Want in the Wonder Woman Movie?

  1. What Do You Want in the Wonder Woman Movie?

    I want DC to learn that ‘visual spectacle’ is nothing without an engaging story and interesting characters. At the moment they can’t seem to pull their heads out of their arses enough to realise that less can be more and they don’t have to be unrelentingly ‘EPIC!!!!’ and every character doesn’t have to be dripping in ANGST!!! in every scene of their movies – otherwise they just come across as emotionally stunted morons.

  2. Wonder Woman is one of my favorite characters. Gal Gadot as WW was the best thing about the train wreck that was Batman v Superman. I think they’re going with the daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus origin but that’s not a huge deal. As long as they give us a powerful, compassionate Diana, I’ll be happy.

  3. Honestly?

    Just… general representation. The movie doesn’t have to delve into a rant every few scenes or so that deconstructs the character, like it did in the Nolan films. It doesn’t need to be excessively gory or gruesome, or overly ‘dark’ or ‘gritty’. I just want the film to make a sincere attempt at representing the character. Granted, I do prefer the character’s origin as being molded from clay and imbued with the essence of Greek gods. Even if they DON’T go with that origin, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the character is “RUINED FOREVER!”

    One thing I DON’T want is to see Hollywood hacks take the character and turn her into a militant feminist. Wonder Woman is about the idea that gender doesn’t define who you are, or what role you play in society. She embraces the concept of people from all walks of life, of BOTH genders, doing great things, and working toward peace and unity.

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