What Porn/Bar is this from/at?

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I know this has to be a porn, but where is this from? I swear I’ve seen stuff like this in the past with a hetero thing going on with women all in the submissive positions, but I’ve never seen the gay version before. I have had people in the past say that there are European countries that have bars like this in areas. Although I’ve never seen actual pics or vids of it before.

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The whole concept of having a guy’s ass just waiting through a wall with completely anonymity is very enticing to some people (possibly to me too) and to see a fantasy like that play out in a movie is pretty damn awesome. I am surprised we have not seen more videos like this in the past. We get the usual Glory Hole thing, but this is something that seems a bit different that would definitely bring in more of an audience.

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So, test your porn skills, and let me know, where is from and how can I watch it? I really want to see it in its entirety.

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24 thoughts on “What Porn/Bar is this from/at?

      1. your welcome glad i could help. would like to hear you view on the whole thing and how you founfd it and which areas you liked.

  1. Looks hot but also looks like a great way to contract every STD known to mankind along with a few new ones.

  2. You know that the real-life thing is full of 60-year-old, out of shape guys looking for younger buts, right???

    1. I’ve been to various European cruising bars/events since my mid-20ies (2002), from bathhouses to parties to parks, and I had my share of hot encounters with all kinds of guys. From 20 to 60 years old, from superwow-athletic to average-guy, from 12 to 22 cms.

      So no, sexclubs et al (as I saw them) are not occupied only by 60+, but are one way possible to have some hot experiences. (Though the whole scene changed a bit over the last five years bc of online cruising, that’s true somehow).

      And no, I did not contract all the nasty STD-stuff out there beside Gonorrhea one time, and I did not have to take drugs beside some beers to have my fun …

      1. Looks hot but also like a great way to contract every STD known to mankind along with a few new ones.

        1. my personal resumee, as said: a few dozen parties/cruising places visited … gonorrhea one time. for me, worth it

          you can get hurt crossing the street, driving a car, getting out of bed … you can’t avoid all risk, you just can manage somehow

  3. We have a couple of sex bars in Amsterdam. They have this kind of Labyrint With different kind of glory holes. Bar cuckoos Nest is the best! Come to the Netherlands and visit Amsterdam! All your fantasies come true

    1. I want to go now! I wanted to see many countries in Europe but this has to be one of my stops. Are there sites dedicated to this?

      1. there are parties organised in some German cities and Amsterdam which ‘offer’ this kind of anonymous fucking. Before entering, one has to decide if he wants to go as stallion (top) or mare (bottom).

        Have been once so far … it was a strange experience. Hot, but also strange

  4. It’s a lot like a bath house. You don’t see a lot of vids about it because of privacy, but the idea of a place where it’s a sexual free for all is so fucking hot! I know it has risks and i’m not sure Id do it again IRL, but gosh the idea turns me on!

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