What the fuck is that?! It looks like a worm monster or something

I know what docking is. And in all honesty, I am cut, so I have never been able to ‘dock’ someone. I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it. I have had a guy attempt to dock me, but the guy was hard as a rock, so he was limited. These images below looks different. I know the guy must have used a pump to get his dick like that, but seriously, what the fuck? Does that go down and revert back to a normal sized dick? I do not mean to be offensive if this is something that people enjoy, but damn. I’d be afraid to put my dick in there thinking that it was going to be eaten. It reminds me of those worm monsters from the King Kong movie.

Docking 1

Docking 2

Docking 3

Docking 4

2 thoughts on “What the fuck is that?! It looks like a worm monster or something

  1. Worm monster from King Kong not Dune?! 50 demerits on your geek card.
    I think that is more pumping, saline or worse silicone more likely.

  2. I’m wondering if that’s Mukhtar Safarov, who I remember from his appearance with Ashley Ryder in Lost Innocence 2 (worth a look for the club-based orgy). His cock is unbelievably thick, though I’ve never been sure whether it’s natural or been ‘enhanced’ in some way.

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