X-men Danger Room Protocols (CANCELED) Episode 1 Part 1

Have you heard of the X-Men Protocols? This was a very, very short lived online animated series based on the X-Men going through battlegrounds within the Danger Room. Not only that, but the team consists of my absolute favorite members of the X-Men team that we never see in comics anymore. This was created by Joel Furtado, who was this series out of fandom for the series.

Unfortunately, Marvel aka Disney, has made sure that his project is shut down. This is so unfortunate. Only one episode was made and even that was taken down from his site. This really is an awful thing to hear. Check out the creator’s vid above to see his reaction to Marvel’s decision. I was looking forward to seeing his episodes being made. It was not being monetized and the videos were all out of fandom for the X-Men.

Anyways, the only part to this project that we can see is the part below. And this is not on Joel’s channel. Someone else downloaded the episode and put it on their own channel. It probably will be taken down soon too. It had a lot of potential. Just this first part looks so cool. Seeing Jean Grey be Jean Grey with her abilities not all ‘Phoenix-y’ is something that we seem to rarely have anymore. Maybe Marvel will give Joel a job one day. I can only hope.

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  1. Joel Furtado likes to claim that he’s not monetizing the video “through Youtube”. This is disingenuous, as it dodges the fact that he was attempting to monetize outside of Youtube through the sale of prints and through an episode by episode Patreon. Essentially, he wanted to sell the cartoon to subscribers. That’s pretty out of line, and he deserved to be shut down.


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