Holy crap, NBC wants to make a new Xena series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, “NBC and NBC Universal International are currently searching for a writer to board the reboot, which hails from original executive producers Rob Tapert and Sam Raimi.” How fracking awesome is that!?

Apparently the original Xena, Lucy Lawless, wants to return back to the show herself. In fact, she wants to done the Xena armor once again. I think she looks great and I bet she could still make a badass Xena if the show continued on or was a reboot. Regardless of whether or not she would be cast as Xena, the idea of the show being made again is incredible.

Besides the Xena’s fanboys, Xena herself portrayed a very strong bi-sexual woman that portrayed incredible character, was more intelligent than even the ‘gods,’ and also was a great super heroine. I really hope that this gets going and I do hope that Lawless has some part in the series, even if she is not cast as Xena herself. I do imagine the sexuality would be more directly addressed this time around as opposed to the show hinting at her relationship with Gabrielle. Airdate looks to be in 2016, which isn’t too far away!

5 thoughts on “Xena is Returning?!

  1. I’d like to see it as long as they don’t bring back Joxer. He ruined that series for me. The moment he appeared in an episode, I switched off. The only way I’d watch if he appeared would be if Xena threw her chakram and he popped up in shot before it returned, only to have it decapitate him on its return.

  2. Holy gay balls! I freakin loved the original with Lawless! And she was beast in Battlestar Galactica! Even though the ending sucked. But still, I loved Xena!

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