Buzzfeed released a video titled ‘I’m Gay but I’m Not…’ that was meant to show that the LGBT community was diverse and could do many things. However, they failed and it almost felt like they were shaming members of the LGBT community. They meant well but they came off even more shallow and divisive. Pup Amp aka Tyler Rush made a light hearted video in response to Buzzfeed’s video on his WattsTheSafeword YouTube channel.

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Lucas Entertainment Preview: Business associates Dylan James and Angel Duran are hanging around the office waiting for Dylan’s package to arrive before they head out after a hard day at work. They keep it professional during the workday, but they are casual fuck buddies after hours. However, when Tom Faulk shows up as the gay delivery boy, Dylan and Angel decided to take advantage of their office setting — and that involves them having their way with Tom! Dylan especially takes a liking to Tom, as you can tell when you see how long and hard he fucks the skater-punk’s hole raw. 

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I send out good vibes to my friend Dan’s Patreon all the time. He’s my brother in all except actual blood. We take a lot of pics together both at cons and in our private lives. Nothing sexual. Well nothing TOO sexual. He does have a protective girlfriend after all. Check out his Patreon site when you get a chance. It’s pretty darn awesome. We have a couple shared pics we post on both of our Patreon sites.

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There’s different types of guys that love Halloween. Some people like hardcore costumes that require a lot of thought and work. Some like sexy costumes that reveal most of their body. (Cue in the Mean Girls quote). Others just like to go out and do their thing with a minimal of costume apparel. What about you? Are you dressing up?

Male escorts are not often talked about in many comic books. Writer Bryan Knight breaks this taboo and goes into the life of a couple different prostitutes in this first issue of Velvet Collar #1. This issue was drawn by Dave Davenport and stars several real life people. It is loosely based on the real life RentBoy Federal investigations. Bryan is accepting offers from readers to be characters in the book as well as very supportive fans.

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A demonic jewelry store owner gives an unsuspecting costumer an enchanted gem. What could go wrong with that? Except having demons open a gateway and seducing that human and then possibly damning him for all eternity? But the sex is good, that counts for something, right? Check out my thoughts on the first issue of Master of Stones #1 from Class Comics in the attached video. Spoilers are included!

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I have no idea how it happened, but the Amityville Horror remake was on my watchlist last night and I saw Ryan Reynolds playing the father. The movie was ‘Meh,’ but he was shirtless a lot in it. So that was nice. I decided to watch Deadpool (for the 15th time) afterwards and started to appreciate Ryan’s acting skills and his awesomeness all around. So he’s my Mancrush right now. There’s a couple fakes in the mix below. I really wish Deadpool could be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Surprisingly I’m going to a birthday barbecue. It’s a friend of mine, his birthday was yesterday but obviously because Friday the 13th and he’s a huge horror fan, and it being Friday, he wanted to celebrate today. He even has a Jason Voorhees tattoo. Are you doing anything?