The Inter-Dimensional “Hole” Story.

Part: 1

Written By: Micheal Smith

Fan-fiction for Paul Charles, The Gay Comic Geek.

One can feel winter coming, as the sun falls away into the night sky. And as darkness grips this shadowed land, our hero Paul Charles walks over a desolate concrete jungle: tired and defeated. The villains of his life had thwarted his advances, evil had won; at least for today…

As Paul now stands within an empty hallway, he fumbles around within his tight pockets, searching for his keys. His hands ultimately linger a bit longer than they should, before discovering a jangling mess of metal. Exposing the right one, he slides his key into its slot; then, slowly turning the doorknob, he pushes his way into his apartment. Exhausted; he rips off his tattered rags of an improvised suite, his first night as a would be crime-fighter had ultimately failed. And now, limb and defeated, Paul falls flaccid across a tousled stain drenched bed.

He now slowly stretches out his bare form, elongating ever aspect of his perfect frame, as he reaches for his oversized universal-remote. A night of television, after a long hard day, is exactly what his mind is yearning for. As he rapidly flips through the channels, letting his eyes dance but momentarily upon each frame; a storm begins to rumble in the distant night. And as his fingers play upon the keys of his entertainment, thunder grows… Suddenly; lighting streaks across the blackened night, as an unsuspecting boom shakes his apartment. Within that sound; his screen cracks open, as sparks surge from the ever expanding glass. Damn… exactly what he needs, a broken television and a night with nothing to do.

In frustration Paul’s hands now clamp down around the remote, tight. He begins to toss the now unusable device across the room, when suddenly his imagination has an even better idea than that of watching television. Paul flips his body around quickly, grabs a bottle form the nightstand, and begins to lather the oversized remote with a shiny like substance. After completely covering the device. Paul arches his back, throwing himself hard against the headboard of his bed. His legs prop up at an even ninety degrees, as his hand pronounces with that of his mouth; I am Thor… and this is my hammer. Then in one fell swoop, the remote disappears within the cavern of his mighty hall. Paul now lets out a cry, that even the gods can hear. As thunder rolls within the night, the remote is no more; its purpose however has forged an even heavier hammer… And with both hands, Paul grabs his mighty Mjölnir.

The storm has ultimately brought Paul to a quickening, or maybe it was the now missing remote; which ever it may be, Paul now rides each wave of existential pleasure with that of the rain outside. As his hands now grip his new toy; one breaks free long enough to once again make use of the bottle, used upon that of the remote. His hand now arrives back at its station, with a big helping of shiny goo… With his left hand never stilling, his right one remerges with that of the left. As he now slowly messages the goo, first, deeply into the base of his massive cock. Then even more slowly up the oversized shaft, until both hands come to that of the tip, where a sliver of pure essence escapes both his hammer and his lips.

The whispering wind moans both outside and in, as thunder again rises in the darkness of this night… And as sparks fly from both the shattered glass of the television, and the motion of Paul’s ever pacing hands… A surge of electricity, suddenly, escapes through the broken screen, encompassing Paul in a wave of blue energy. The energy now floods his heaving body, doubling his rate of ecstasy, as the light envelopes him whole; turning but inward. As Paul now screams, shattering every piece of glass within a ten mile radius. A blue swirling vortex erupts from the very tip of his hammer, breaking through not only his ceiling; but, that of reality… And in a final gasp of pleasure, Paul is gone, transported away into an inter-dimensional hole.

To Be Continued…

The Inter-Dimensional “Hole” Story.

Part: 2

Paul awakens, his body flushed, drenched in the heat of sweat. And even though his pulse still races, both from his actions and that of his travel, his body begins to cool. His eyes flutter, blinded by the light of a thousand stars. His breath leaves a trail like that of a comet, as he realizes he lies within the boundless depths of space. His skin shivers, his body shrinks, against the cold; as he continues to lie there, naked… Suddenly a voice causes a rift within the stillness of the universe. The voice is familiar to Paul, he has heard this echo somewhere else before. He asks, “can it be”.

With silence slowly falling back across all of time, Paul rises carefully from the stone ground which bears his wight. As he now stands fully erect; a single light, stronger than the blinding stars, shadows the figure for whom the voice belongs. The familiar stranger now steps out from within the light and for the first time, Paul sees the face of a God; the face of Thor himself. It is then for the first time in his life, that Paul becomes awkwardly modest.

Thor now stampers, his temper riled; “how dare you flinch in modesty at your nakedness in my presence, what kind of hero opens the gate between worlds and then hides because he is unclothed”. “All are bare how make the journey across a million worlds, and all are strong” With that Thor grabs Paul by his shoulders and forces him to standup right. Paul manages to pull against the strength of Thor, all but just a little. And in so proclaims, “I am no hero”. “I am a mere wannabe, I am not strong, I am not brave, I am nothing special… Thor backs off, he now looks up and down at this curious soul whom managed to do something only a God can do. And with his eyes still glimpsing across his form, Thor’s lips produce words that even he could not deny; not to that of a God… “You, nothing special. You, a mortal whom broke through the heavens to stand at the doors of Asgard. You, for whom I heard with my own ears, shout this is my hammer. No mere mortal can pierce the veil with his words, let along traverse all of time and space; to be here, at this moment, within this time”… “And no one with a body; so firm, so hard, so massive, is nothing special.

With those words Paul stood at attention, a little more excited than he could hide. And in so, his hammer: for which he had all but forgotten, fell out of the depths of his tight ass. Thor looks questioningly, and before Paul could even utter a single word, Thor swiftly picked up the remote-control. Paul was once again awkward, a little embarrassed… Thor could see. But; Thor could also see something that made him tremble, with something deeper than that of a riled temper… Desire! “Is this your hammer”? Then swiftly, before Paul could respond, Thor did something very unexpected. Thor took a better hold of the remote and suddenly smelled of it, as if it were something wondrous to be hold. “Ah, a hero’s bouquet”. Suddenly, like a fire rising high within the night, Paul’s cock grew way too big, way too fast. “No, now I see, that is your hammer. And some hammer it be”.

Thor now rips the armor from his massive body, and as Paul’s eyes move across his glistening form: Thor’s hammer grows; as does Paul’s, even more so than before. Thor now steps forward, boldly taking his hammer to that of Paul’s: in a test of strength and size. And even with Thor’s hammer still growing, to the surprise of both men, it could not stand against the might of Paul’s. With that, Thor’s lust broke, he grabbed Paul and passionately kissed the mortal deep; imparting upon him, as he did, the wisdom and strength of the Gods. As Thor now moves his lips from that of Paul, he whispers, fuck me raw… And in a single motion, as if the two where already one, Thor lies upon the stone ground, as Paul places his left hand behind that of Thor’s head. Paul, now, places his right hand upon the base of his cock; his size is too much, and so he gentle takes his left hand to help with that of his right. Both hands seem, now, tiny in comparison. Paul pushes forward, but his might is too much for Thor’s opening. Paul pulls back, as Thor screams; “no hero, I said fuck me… fuck me raw.”

Paul lunge’s forward, breaking the seal, Thor screams in response… “I want it all.” Paul does not want to disappoint, a God, and so in three powerful thrusts, he buries his cock deep within Thor. As Paul’s body heaves against the might of Thor. Thor braces that of his own tool, and begins to pump with the motion of Paul’s body. The two violently heave and thrust, their sounds of passion carrying across all of time. And just as a thousand suns begin to rise, both climax in a huge explosion of pure energy; causing them pleasure, and causing the birth of a new universe. The two now fall back, both now separate entities, both now exhausted and out of breath. After what seems to be a millennium, the two stand. Both still naked, both now spent, both a little less massive. Thor steps forward, he laughs heartily, before striking Paul across his back; “a hero you are, if ever any has existed”. To Paul’s surprise he did not even flinch, he stood strong against the might of Thor. The strike which should have thrown him forwards, felt more like a pat between true lovers. “You now have the strength and wisdom of the Gods”. With those thunderous words, the vortex reopens. “Before you leave me, leave Asgard, let me forge you a weapon you can use in battle. A hammer; no, you already have one mightier than mine. How about a sword of power. Yes, a massive sword should fit you well.” Thor now pulls a star from the new universe, the two had made; to forge a mighty sword, of great power. “You have strength and might, our passion saw to that; now you have a sword of power, which grants you, worthy, the power of the star from which it was made”. “Now go back through the inter-dimensional hole, and be the hero earth needs… Be Star-hammer, God of forged fire”. With those words Paul was pulled back through, he was then placed firmly upon his bed, his ceiling was magical repaired and a flaming sword of power lay hiding, that of the might of his hammer. And as the sun rises on a new day, Paul whispers, that was some damn origin story… Star-hammer, God of forged fire.

The End…

Geek Porn

Ok, I guess I’d call it that.

I know all you fans out there keep asking me when I’m gonna make my porn debut and I’m always really flattered and I get a kick out of hearing it and all but it never sounded like a practical reality.

You know that I’m a Porn fanatic just like I’m a Comics fanatic. When my Comic Con friend Gregg told me that he was going to go out to San Fransisco in September to attend the Fulsom Street fair I got pretty excited. I knew that all the really big porn guys would attend and that there would be events etc. It would be like a porn related Comic Con.

I checked the bank account to see if I could swing it, then called Gregg and asked if he’d like a room mate for the trip. He was super happy to hear I wanted to come along (I almost wrote “cum” along).

The greatest part which I haven’t mentioned is that Gregg is friends with Mark Webber who is the head of production for Titan studios in San Fransisco. This pretty much assured that we would get to meet some of my favorite porn guys. I had a fucking raging hard-on as soon as he told me and I actually pulled my jeans open and started to stroke it while we were on the phone. I didn’t tell him that I was doing it I because I didn’t want him to freak out or think that I was going to be a super perv hotel room mate but as soon as we hung up the phone I had to stand up and gun off a cum load right there on the floor.

We checked into the hotel which was only two blocks from where the Fair would take place. It wasn’t that great a hotel but there were a lot of Fulsom fans there. We dumped our stuff and went out walking. The guy at the desk had explained bus routes to us so we walked up to Market Street and got the bus that took us straight to Castro street. I mean, Gays, San Fransisco, Castro! Come on, it had to be our first stop.

Gregg and I walked down Castro past all the Gay, Gay, Gay stores. His phone rang and he looked excited.

“Hey, Dude!” He said and silently turned to me “Its Mark.” He looked very stoked as Mark talked.

“Fuck, Yes! We would fucking love that……… You know we would…… We just landed and dropped our stuff at the hotel….No problem. What’s the address? Or, OK, Yes. Text it to me….. Killer! You are so great. We’ll get there as fast as possible. Great, Love you.”

Gregg looked up at me, stunned with a big smile.

“I cannot fucking believe this. He says we should come by their facility right now. They’re going to shoot a scene on the roof and if we are cool enough with it they’ll let us watch.

Well, of course my fucking cock was totally hard again in like one second.

We ran up the street, grabbed a taxi and Gregg read the driver the address off his phone. We headed back to near where we had come from.

The building was four stories high. Gregg pushed the buzzer at the door that had the number 2 next to it. We got buzzed in and walked up the narrow stairs to the second floor. We buzzed again at the single door with Titan Media printed on it.

Gregg’s friend Mark opened the door. They both cried out and as we entered they embraced and gave a long hug.

“Mark, this is Paul.” I shook his hand.

“Hey, Gregg talks about you all the time.” Mark said.

“Cool, I’m super excited to be here. Thanks for letting us in.”

“Let me show you guys around. This is our administrative area.”

We were standing near a bunch of cluttered desks. There were shelves with a lot of different dvds which I assumed was all the Titan product. One desk had two huge dildos planted on it that were being used as book ends. I thought that was hilarious.

I pointed to them. “I love that.” I said.

“Yep, porn permeates pretty much every part of our lives here.” Mark smiled. “Follow me down here.”

He led us down a wide hall with steel racks against both wall. They were jammed with carefully arranged production supplies, boxes of fetish costumes, slings, props, towels, boxes of bottled water and, as Mark pointed out three crates of sex lube.

We all laughed. “Hey, we’re a porn company. We go through lube like water.” Mark said. “And we have to have a lot of different kinds because if a guy is in the middle of scene and we only have the kind of lube that he hates that can be a major boner buster.”

I looked down the hall beyond him and saw a guy wearing only boots and a pair of that underwear with the ass cut open, black with bright green binding. I just saw him walk across the hall quickly but I thought I recognized him.

“Was that..?” I pointed.

Mark looked back over his shoulder. “Dirk Caber, yeh. He’s shooting up on the roof.”

My boner got way worse and actually started to hurt. Dirk Fucking Caber (I added the “fucking”. That’s not really his middle name.) is one of my mega porn crushes. I was gonna meet him and that just made me so drippy.

“Let’s say hello.” Mark led us a little further. On the right was an alcove with a washer and dryer installed. To the left was a kitchen and just beyond that was a very big open space that looked a little like a livingroom with no windows. There was some furniture and studio lights with reflectors. Some of them were turned on.

“We use this as our indoor production studio. You’ve jacked off to more scenes shot in this room than you realize. We can turn it into pretty much anything.”

Dirk Caber stood away to our right holding a bottle of water.

“Hey, Dirk.” Mark called out. “Come meet my friends.”

My hairy idol hunk smiled and walked toward us with his hand extended. He didn’t seem at all self conscious to be naked with his ass out.

“Dirk, this is Gregg and Paul.”

Dirk looked at me as he took my hand and said, “Hey wait. Are you that guy?” I felt really embarrassed that he was ignoring Gregg but he squeezed my hand really hard and that made my cock ooze.

“Um,” was all I could manage.

“You’re that guy, that comic geek guy who does all those porn reviews. I fucking love you!”

He yanked me into him and threw his arms around me and squeezed hard. I freaked out! Like how many times had I jacked my cock super hard watching this guy do freakin’ hot sex!

The motion of pulling me in made my belt drop down a little and as I bumped against him my cock head shot up over my waist band.

“Oh Fuck!” I thought “Can this guy feel my hard cock against him?”

I fumbled for a second and then returned, “I fucking love you too.”

Mark and Gregg were just staring at us.

“Wait a minute.” Dirk said and pulled back a little. “Do you have a hard cock?” and then, and I swear this really happened, he grabbed my dong and clamped down on the bulge. As he did that the cock head and some of my shaft pushed further over the waist band and I could see a big, clear drop of cum on the tip.

“Holy Fuck.” Dirk said. He gave me a sly look and with his fore finger swiped up the cum drop and slowly wiped it on his tongue.

I thought I was gonna blow full cum load right there! “Is this seriously fucking happening!?” was all I could think and before I could answer myself

he darted forward and jammed his tongue in my throat then drew back, “Taste your own splacking cum.” He grunted and with that I dove back at him and rammed my tongue as deep as I could in his mouth.

Kissing him was like fighting. We were going at each other as hard a possible, just destroying each other. I could feel the scruff of his face all over my skin and I groaned really loud as it scraped me badly. He rubbed down on me and opened wide to bite my neck. I felt his big tongue all over my throat.

He looked down at my body and we parted a little.

“What the fuck is this?” He put his hands on my Green Lantern t shirt. It was pretty tight. I’d figured, you know, San Fran so, tight, but this was really tight. It was actually a child’s size medium and pretty old and sheer.

“I fuckin’ hate this thing.” Dirk said and grabbed the front in both fists.

“Let me take it o…” I tried to say but with one gesture, Boom! He ripped it apart. It was just rags hanging open. My tits were totally exposed and he grabbed them with both hands.

I couldn’t belive that Gregg and Mark were just standing there letting this happen and when I looked over at Gregg he had his phone out and was video taping it all.

I looked at him, “Dude, what the fuck?”

“Don’t worry. You’re gonna want to see this on video, believe me.” He answered.

I heard another guy’s voice. “Don’t let me interrupt anything.” Coming from the direction where we’d entered was another crazy hot guy. He was totally fucking nude with a raging hard cock and behind him was a guy with one of their production cameras. He was following the naked guy and filming everything. “I thought you and I were going to do the scene today.”

Dirk reached his hand out to him. “Ray, this is Paul. He’s that guy with the blog who does the reviews of our stuff.”

I looked at the naked guy again and realized… Oh fuck, it was Ray Nicks. Hairy chest, hot beard. I had totally jacked it to this guy.

“Oh hell yes, I know you!” Ray pushed himself up against us and made a trio. Dirk put one hand on the back of each our heads and pushed us together, forcing us to kiss. I say forcing, but I didn’t need any encouragement. We went at each other just as intensely as Dirk and I had.

Dirk got his tongue in there and we did heavy three way kissing. I was in fucking bliss.

Ray looked down and saw my half exposed cock. “And look at this.” He grabbed at my belt and with one yank got my pants down around my knees. My pink dong shot up just like his. “This is a fucking pretty cock!” he wrapped his hand around my cock and I took his as well.

I couldn’t believe how perfect and hard his cock was. You could have hung a coat on it. Dirk tore down his gear and let lose his hairy hard-on.

This was way too much for me so I dropped to my knees and took both cocks, one in each hand. Dirk had been there first so I figured it would be polite to show him my appreciation. I gulped his cock super fast and showed him that I could go to the base without choking. I stayed down, pulsed on it and just savored the beauty of his cock.

I came up with a gasp and jumped right onto Ray’s hard one. It wasn’t as thick but because it was so hard and curved up it wasn’t as easy to take. I had to get to my gag point and then push really hard. It thumped down my throat and when I hit his cock hair Ray started cussing non stop. “Oh fuck yes, Cock Sucker. Show me what you fucking love.”

I felt both of their hands on my head and they shoved my face into his crotch. I DID fucking love it. When I opened my eyes a little I could see that the camera guy was circling around us capturing everything.

Dirk got his cock near my face and I pulled off just a little, opened wide and shoved his cock in as well. I always say, the only thing better than a cock in your mouth is two cocks in your mouth and I was going crazy with two of my porn idols slippery dongs right at home in mine.

“OK, our turn now.” Dirk said as he put his hands in my arm pits and pulled me up to my feet. “We want that fucking beautiful, pink cock.”

Ray was already on his knees and my cock was gone. He was giving me real cock sucking sophistication. I hate that drilling for oil, sledge hammer cock sucking technique that some guys use. Ray had real smooth moves and he showed me his absolute love for cock which made me roll my head back and just smile so happily. Dirk got down there too and they had a sweet little war over my dong, passing it back and forth between mouths.

I started to really enjoy the presence of the camera. Gregg was right. I really wanted to see me with my idols just loving sex together.

Ray switched around behind me and left Dirk on the cock.

“Look at these fuckin’ sweet ass cheeks.” He was squeezing one in each hand and bouncing them as Dirk deep throated me.

Ray gave my right ass cheek and really sweet kiss and then, Pow! planted his face right into my ass crack and his tongue right in my hole.

I freaked the fuck out because I’d always wanted to have my ass power munched by a guy with a great beard and Ray was the man to do it. He got in their like an animal at a trough.

Dirk stood up and cupped my tits in his hands. He sucked one nipple and then the other and then kissed me really deep. He made repeated triangles between each tit and my mouth and kind of pushed me back on Ray so that I was almost sitting on his face. Ray guzzled like a bear. Once again, Fuckin’ paradise.

Dirk dropped down and shoved Ray backward from between my legs. “Gimme some of that.” He yanked my pants down further and rammed his face up my ass crack from beneath. I squatted down on it. His scruff was sharp and prickly and scraped so good. Ray crawled around and dove on Dirks cock. I jacked as I rode Dirks face and watched Ray gulp Dirk’s hairy cock.

“We need to get these fucking clothes off of you.” Ray said and the two guys got up and stripped me. The shredded t shirt got thrown on the floor and my shoes and pants wound up on the other side of the room.

“Get me some fuckin’ lube.” Dirk shouted as he picked me up and lay me down on my back on the floor. Mark tossed him a bottle of lube and he busted a load of it onto my ass crack. Ray grabbed each of my ankles from behind me and pulled them back over my head.

“Look at this fuckin’ peachy ass! What a pretty hole.” Dirk grumbled as he lubed his cock and threw the bottle aside. I felt him point his hard cock head right at my hole and he looked up at Ray.

“How should I fuck it? Huh? How should I fuck this hungry boy?”

“Just fuckin’ kill it. Fuck that ass so hard!” Ray answered and before I knew it Dirk slammed his whole cock right in to the base.

“Holy Fuck!” I yelled. His cock hurt like hell and Ray started laughing.

“Sounds like you’re doing a good job.”

I could see the camera over us and Gregg with his phone on one side. Dirk was laying a powerfuck right into me and I was half way between cumming and passing out. Part of me wanted to tell him to stop but the other part of me took over.

“Splack me! Splack my ass so Hard!!”

“I think I’d better shut him up.” Ray said and he got up toward me and shoved his painful cock in my mouth. He got forward enough that he was throat fucking me and I was aware of slurpy sounds and knew that they were deep kissing on top of me. All I could think was, “This is gonna look great on video.”

Cock in my ass, cock in my mouth, was it my birthday? Did I win the lottery?

Ray Pulled out. “OK, now my turn.”

Dirk pulled out and got me to my feet. As soon as I stood up I felt Ray behind me and with one thrust he had his spit covered cock in my ass.

His cock hurt as well but in a different way. Dirk had stretched me open and filled me really great. Ray’s cock got deep and sharp. It was a different kind of agony and I loved it.

Ray was talking in my ear as he banged me from behind. “You fucking love cock, don’t you?” His voice got suddenly louder. “You want some fucking cock, Fan Boy?!” and then he jammed into me so hard that he lifted me up off the floor. I was in total shock, impaled on his dong and held about an inch off the floor. Dirk got on me from the front, grabbing my chest again and tongue kissing me deep.

They were both bouncing me really hard up and down on Rays cock and then Ray started to shout.

“Holy Fuck! I’m gonna blow cum load.”

He dropped me and I tumbled onto the floor again. I looked at Ray as he stood over me jacking like crazy. His head went back and he grumbled then fell to his knees beside me.

“Give him that cum load.” Dirk said and got down to stick his dong back into me. He started a good steady fuck and I began to jack my cock like I meant business.

The camera guy was over us and Ray called out. “This is it! I’m gonna do cum!!”

Dirk and I both watched him jack so hard. Ray rattled and made an “Arrrggh!” sound and busted a cum load that shot across my body and right onto my face. He kept smacking on his beautiful cock and shooting out pearly loads, one, two, three. I stopped counting at six because my cock felt way too good and I knew I was gonna bust.

“Me too.” I yelled. “I’m gonna cum load!”

Dirk yanked out of me and started jacking like a monkey right over my cock.

We both shouted “Ahh!” and our cum loads busted right at the same time.

It was impossible to tell which blast came from which cock. I was getting super cum dumped. My body was shaking all over. My eyes locked with Dirk’s as we shook off our last cum loads and he laughed as he dropped down on top of me.

Ray leaned in and kissed me. He rubbed his cummy hand through my hair and kissed me again. Dirk came up and kissed me as well.

When we all sat up it was like I was returning to earth. I looked around at Gregg and Mark and the camera guy who was still crouched filming us. Dirk, Ray and I all smiled and they kept kissing me.

“Holy shit!” I said. “Don’t you guys have a scene to do on the roof? You’re gonna be a spent mess now.”

“You idiot.” Dirk gave me another kiss. “There’s no scene on the roof. We set this whole thing up.’

“You’re the scene on the roof.” Ray said and kissed me again.

Mark and Gregg were laughing. “Good thing it worked out so smoothly.” Said Mark.

“Well you’re such a horny little fuck, I guess Gregg knew you’d be down for it” Ray gave me a kiss on the shoulder and then stood up. “Welcome to San Fran.” He put out his hand and helped me to my feet.