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The first annual Jem and the Holograms comic book just recently came out. Pretty darn awesome! It comprises of four individual stories from the standpoint of each of the four members of the band. This does not really affect continuity too much, but it definitely was a fun read.
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Jem and the Holograms Outrageous Annual #1 Comic Book Review from GayComicGeek on Vimeo.

Xmen Night of the Sentinels TC



In which giant purple robots stalk underage girls through shopping malls.

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Diapers 1
Yes there is a fetish for wearing diapers. I recently had someone approach me online asking if I had any pics of myself in a diaper. I admit I was completely perplexed being that I do not think I have worn a diaper since I was 2-3 years old and immediately thought that he was asking for something completely different. He luckily backed up his comment that he only wanted pictures of me as an adult wearing diapers. After a quick trip to the Google Machine, I found that this is a huge fetish and I was like- Wow, what do you know?

Full Baby

Like all fetishes, Diaper Fetish varies depending on the involvement of the participants and also with the level of commitment. I have seen many different types. Obviously there is the female variety that delves into heterosexual stuff, which we will not get into. But there have been lots of role play that I have seen that have one or more participants acting as though they are a baby and needs constant care and attention from their caregiver. There are even sites dedicated to this fetish, such as: They make sure to assure everyone that all participants are over 18 years old.

There are many vids and pics that I found that cross with other fetishes/genres as well. For instance, I saw this puppy video above. Also, I have seen many leather diaper pics. Well the diaper was not made from leather, but they had a leather harness on while they were wearing a diaper. Some pics I have seen have the man wearing a diaper and a chastity underneath the diaper. Many of these involve journal entries that entail how long they have been doing this.

Some of the role play involves sucking on a pacifier and going all out with the appearance that the individual is actually a baby. I am unsure as to how long the role plays on. Sometimes sex seems to be involved and other times it appears that there is no sexual aspect made present. The clip above looks like it is part of a site of different fetishes, and this one just includes them being in diapers and acting like toddlers.

Diaper 4

The vast majority of the pics and vids that I have seen only involve the guy wearing a diaper in general. The feeling is described as being a similar feeling to how others enjoy the wearing something like spandex, or latex or leather. The feel of the diaper and possibly the bonding of a larger area of the lower abdomen is what is craved by the individual that is wearing it. There is sense of security in wearing certain clothing, in this case a disposable diaper, that can be traced back to many people’s backgrounds. I will not over analyse this, but it is fairly common knowledge that many people crave some constriction. Sometimes for security, other times for pleasure. Reverting to an infant that is being cared for by others, elevates the pains of reality and adulthood.


I will not analyse this anymore, there is no point to do that. People enjoy different fetishes because we are all different. What may sound unusual for one person, sounds completely rationale and ordinary to another person. Have I ever worn a diaper? No, not yet, but I’d try it. I’d try ALMOST anything once to see if I like it or not. I say almost because there are a couple rules I have written in concrete that I will never ever do. But as for diapers, it’s not harmful in any way. But chances are, I probably never will because I am not going to spend money on a diaper that would fit me for something that I am fairly certain would not give me any sexual pleasure. Besides, diapers are expensive.

Diaper 5

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Russell Tovey just posted this pic (above) on his Twitter. God dangit…now I can’t focus right. I must now post random pics of him in tribute because he’s fucking hot! And I love his ears. I may be biased because of my own huge ears, but still. They’re great!
First Kiss
I Love you


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Midnighter 5 (4).Movie_Snapshot

Previously, Midnighter teamed up with Agent 37, aka Dick Grayson, in his mission to retrieve many pieces of technology that was stolen from the God Garden.

In this issue we conclude the small arc with Agent 37 helping Midnighter. Interesting read with excellent art that is illustrated throughout the issue. The story is consistent in the overall storyarc with Midnighter unraveling the keys to who is behind stealing the artifacts and tech from the God Garden. His banter with Dick Grayson is incredible and they definitely need to have a team up with Batman at some point down the line. Check out my thoughts on the issue in the video below.

Midnighter #5

Written by: Steve Orlando

Illustrated/Drawn by: Stephen Mooney

Released: October 2015

Sweet Dreams 1.Movie_Snapshot

Over at, a new series staring Trenton Ducati and Damien Crosse has started up called- Sweet Dreams.

I’m a huge Damien Crosse fan and seeing him in this scene with Trenton is pretty fucking cool! The beginning is somewhat trippy but it’s cool to think that this series may all be within the characters heads and does not actually take place. Check out my thoughts on the scene in the video below.

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This scene stars: Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse

And Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati

Antman and Wasp

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend NYCC because of some issues, but there will be a lot of announcements that will be made regarding many comic book and geeky genres. A new AntMan and Wasp movie is not technically a NYCC announcement, but I am sure many other announcements will be made soon. AntMan and Wasp will air on July 6, 2018. Which seems like an eternity away, but it will be here before you know it. There have been 3 more movies that will be announced, to which will probably be announced over the coming weekend. I’m totally stoked for that!


If you are unaware, Wasp is the female counter part to Ant Man. She has similar shrinking powers but also has wings that allow her to fly and shoot out stinger blasts. The blasts and scope of her powers range from writer to writer and also depends on her current predicament. Her usefulness also change from story to story as well. Sometimes she’s an incredible badass that is essential to completing a mission, other times, she’s the first to be knocked out. So far, Marvel has very few female heroes, but the few that we have had, have been great. Hopefully, Wasp will be just as awesome. One last note, Wasp was also one of the original five Avengers in the comics.

The Falls Testament of Love (2).Movie_Snapshot

Being banned from YouTube won’t keep me from talking to a camera for several hours out of the day. Well actually to be honest, I filmed this prior to me being banned from YouTube. This was what I had planned to load to my account before I was shut out. This movie is the sequel to The Falls, which takes place 5 years later. Check out my thoughts on it in the VIMEO video below.

The Falls Testament of Love Gay Mormon Movie Review from The GayComicGeek on Vimeo.

Reese Witherspoon Clone Daughter 2

Is this what happens when you clone yourself? Reese Witherspoon’s daughter is beautiful, and has a great future in front of her, but wow! She’s Reese’s exact duplicate. I feel like she impregnated herself somewhere along the way and no one even noticed.

Reese Witherspoon Clone Daughter

This reminds of Back to the Future where Biff’s grandson and his great great grandfather look just like him. If cloning were to become a common place, this is the future.

Griff Biff Bufford