Have You Ever Wanted to be Slimed? Or Gunged? It’s a Fetish for Some People (NSFW)

As a Nickelodeon kid, I always wanted to be slimed. Hell, even as an adult I want to be slimed. I never realized that was a fetish for some people until recently though...

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2MenKiss – TitanMen UNCUT Gay XXX Movie Review (NSFW) – Directed by Jasun Mark

Jasun Mark of TitanMen has another hit called 2MenKiss. This is more like a couples movie that has 4 hot scenes between 8 different guys that showcase what cute boyfriends would be doing. TitanMen is a pretty damn awesome porn company!

To see this...

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Damn Zod Has a Nice Ass on Action Comics #980 – Comic Load 5/24/2017

It’s comic book day! What’s your load look like?

Action Comics #980 – Zod has an AMAZING Ass!
X-Men Blue #4 – New Wolverine…or his son at least is being brought into the fold.
Justice League of America #7 – TerrorSmith is brought back into the DC ...

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Game of Thrones Season 7 – Official Trailer!!!!

This has been a great week to be a geek! I do not know if Game of Thrones counts as a geeky related material, but I’m taking it...

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New Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer 5/24/2017 – Both U.S. & International

The trailer reveals a bit more motivation on what the Vulture is doing and why. We also get that Spider-Man’s suits have a far more capabilities that we have seen so far. Also, Tony Stark is still playing up the cliche – You’re Not Ready For This ...

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Winn From Supergirl – I Ship Him With Almost Every Male Character

I absolutely adore Jeremy Jordan aka Winn Schott from Supergirl. I ship him with just about all of the male characters on the show. I think the writers and the actor knows that he may have a small gay following and play into it...

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Vanity Fair Covers – BADASS!!!

Before you know it, The Last Jedi will be out. Star Wars fans will be going insane everyday as the date gets closer. So many promos and ads will be posted everywhere. Vanity Fair made several covers with the main cast that are beautiful! My person...

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Did You See That Cool Ass Wonder Woman Promo on the Season Finale of Supergirl?!

I loved the season finale of Supergirl. It had it’s ups and downs. I won’t spoil the ending in case anyone has not seen it yet. But if you did happen to watch the show and watch the commercials, there was a great promo for Wonder Woman...

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Wonder Boy on the Cover of Justice League #26 – DC Comics August Solicitations

Is that Wonder Woman and Superman’s alternate reality son being shown on DC Comic’s August solicitations? I don’t know, but damn! That’s badass! I’m sure this is just a one story thing, but I have learned that many alternate reality characters can...

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The X-Men Retrospective — Time Fugitives

Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at: https://www.patreon.com/cartoonchatterbox/creators

In which time travel and really big guns stop diseases. Also, those shoulder pads are ridiculous!

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