This time the sexy male costumer goes to my buddy, Leigh! Not only is this British playboy super sexy, but he’s got this knack of getting naked at conventions. Particularly, he seems to get naked at Dragon Con. But he’s got an awesome ass, so I’d be wanting to show that off as much as possible if I were him too.

I’m glad that I met Leigh a couple years ago. He’s one of those guys that’s not only always happy, but he’s someone that you can talk to on just about any subject. The fact that he’s such a badass costumer makes him even cooler! He’s totally straight, but we won’t hold that against him.

The Professional pics of Leigh in bed are taken

Leigh’s site is at:

Check out some of his pics and let me know what you think!:

Leigh ass 2

Leigh ass 3

Leigh ass

Leigh costume 1

Leigh costume 2

Leigh costume 3

Leigh costume 4

Leigh costume 5

Leigh costume 6

Leigh costume 7

Leigh costume 8

Leigh Face

Leigh Han Solo

Leigh Hunger Games

Leigh Joker 2

Leigh Joker

Leigh Naked 2

Leigh Naked 3

Leigh Naked

Leigh Nightwing

Leigh Punisher

Leigh Smile

Leigh Spock

Leigh Suit


Sexy Leigh 1

Sexy Leigh 2

Sexy Leigh 3

Sexy Leigh 4

Sexy Leigh 5

Sexy Leigh 56

Winter Soldier 1

Winter Soldier 2

Winter Soldier 3

Winter Soldier 15

Winter Soldier 25

I have no other reason of posting these pics of Russell Tovey other than the fact that he’s so fracking hot!

I mean seriously, I would let him do literally anything to me. ANYTHING!

I cannot express how turned on I am by this guy. I’ve fantasized about him more than any other person ever! And those fantasies were back when he was just Midshipman Alonso Frame on ‘Doctor Who.’ Later, when I saw him as a werewolf on ‘Being Human,’ I really lost it! Especially since he showed his ass on that show all the time. I naked it was in his contract to be naked at least once every half hour. I went back and watched his earlier stuff like ‘History Boys’ and other tv show appearances.

We’ll forgive the god awful HBO show ‘Looking.’ But only because he’s in it.

These pics were taken by Christopher Turner, and it’s like Tovey wasn’t even trying to look sexy. He just was. What’s better is that Tovey used to be really thin, and I was still head over heels for him. Now that he’s getting more beefy, he’s totally got me drooling over him.

Anyways, I’ll stop fawning all over him. Here’s his pics, enjoy!

russell-tovey (1)





Check out my my buddy Brian. This guys is so badass in his costumes and the fact that he’s an actual gay costumer, makes him so much hotter! I love his Green Arrow but I think his Themistocles has got to be my favorite! Maybe because he’s half naked.

I want to point out that Brian is married to his partner, who is in the pic of him as Northstar re-creating the iconic issue of Astonishing X-Men #50.

I also want to point out that Brian is a badass costumer designer. He’s made 3 of my costumes and countless others that I’ve seen in person and online. He really needs to start a fanpage that’s dedicated to just his costumes!

What do you guys think of him? Check out his Facebook page at:

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 3.5

Brian 3

Brian 4.5

Brian 4

Brian 5.5

Brian 5

Brian 6

Brian 7

Brian 8

Brian 9

Brian 10

Brian 11

Brian 12

Brian 13

Brian 14

Brian 18

Brian 20

Brian 21

Brian 22

Brian 23

Brian 24

Brian 25


Can we just appreciate how awesome and how incredibly sexy my friend Andrew is with his cosplay? I only met him about 3 years ago, but in that time, he’s done such badass costumes. Plus it helps that’s super sexy too. I get to count him as one of my buddies, so I’m very thankful for that.

I want to point out that he looks so much like Constantine, that I think he should do his own fan films playing him online. That’s something I gotta work with him doing in the future.

Check out his Facebook fan page over at: Fate of Philadelphia

He’s straight, but I was able to get him to kiss me in a drunken haze. In my defense, we were both drunk and I totally felt embarrassed about it the next day.

Twinky and the Bear Youtube (2).Movie_Snapshot

Andrew Patrick Kelly 18

Andrew Patrick Kelly 15

Andrew Patrick Kelly 28

Andrew Patrick Kelly

Andrew Patrick Kelly 26

Andrew Patrick Kelly 25

Andrew Patrick Kelly 24

Andrew Patrick Kelly 23

Andrew Patrick Kelly 22

Andrew Patrick Kelly 21

Andrew Patrick Kelly 13

Andrew Patrick Kelly 14

Andrew Patrick Kelly 16

Andrew Patrick Kelly 17

Andrew Patrick Kelly 19

Andrew Patrick Kelly 20

Andrew Patrick Kelly 12

Andrew Patrick Kelly 11

Andrew Patrick Kelly 4

Andrew Patrick Kelly 3

Andrew Patrick Kelly 2

Andrew Patrick Kelly 1

Andrew Patrick Kelly 8

Andrew Patrick Kelly 9

Andrew Patrick Kelly 10

Andrew Patrick Kelly 5

Andrew Patrick Kelly 6

Andrew Patrick Kelly 7

Andrew Patrick Kelly 27

Andrew Patrick Kelly 29