Joe Phillips is starting a Kickstarter campaign for his new Joe Boys book. Check it out. He’s a pretty badass artist that’s been around for years. He’s also a great guy to know. Here’s a link and vid to his work. I’m always in full support to for independent gay artists, especially those that I’ve met and know are awesome people. I put in a couple of his drawings down below. Does that Hulkling on the last pic look familiar to you? Hmmmm

Joe’s Site:

Joe’s Kickstarter:Kickstarter Campaign

joe phillips 2

joe phillips 3

joe phillips Aqualad

joe phillips Phoenix

joe phillips Superboy

joe phillips Wiccan Hulkling

Here’s a couple pics I’ve seen throughout the weekend that I thought I’d share. These guys are all hotties in my humble opinion and definitely deserve props!

Not just because he did Starlord for Guardians of the Galaxy but also because every time he’s on any media outlet, he seems like a fun goofy guy that can make fun of himself and also take a lot of gay innuendo and run with it. So many straight celebs out there freak out if you say anything gay related. He’s totally cool with it and loves to hear any compliments, regardless of gender. By the way, the last pic in this collage is not Chris Pratt’s dick. Although I’d like to pretend that it is.

Not sure why, but I love seeing male celebrities in compromising sex situations. Even though they’re obviously fake, I still get turned on by them. Although some of these are of Colton Hayes and it’s not too tough to find actual naked/gay pics of him online.