I’m compiling some vids from several of my friends but everyone used different formats to record and I’m having an issue of having decent quality videos being converted to one type of file. But the video will be out very soon!

In the meantime, here’s a cool Black Symbiote Spider-Man pic of me that I like that was taken on the last day of DragonCon

Symbiote Spider-Man GayComicGeek Costume Cosplay

DragonCon hotels are a bitch to book in advance. If someone can help me book a room in one of the host hotels for September 2-8, 2015, I’d OWE you SOOOOOO much luvin! It seems like the main hotels are booked but they open up periodically. I’ve been trying but I can’t seem to get thru. I’m not asking you to pay, I’ll pay it. I just need help booking.

Does anyone work for these hotels or have some sort of hook up that can help? I know platinum and Diamond members at some hotels can book regardless of the rooms being taken. I don’t even know what I can do to thank you, but I’m sure I can think of something.

These are the hotels:

Marriott Marquis Atlanta


The Hyatt Regency Atlanta


The Hilton Atlanta


Westin Peachtree Center


The Sheraton


I haven’t had much internet connection lately for the past week since I’ve been out of town and been at Atlanta for Dragon Con. Also, dealing the fact that my wallet was stolen on the first night and unfortunately all $300 I pulled out of my bank account to spend at this convention was taken. Luckily I cancelled my credit card and bank card before any charges were made on them and I had buddies to help pay for food. Always gotta look at the bright side of things. This week coming up, I’ll be at a work convention, but here’s a couple pics that were taken at Dragon Con 2014 this weekend. MANY more vids and pics will be posted soon.

Dash from the Incredibles

Ghostbusters Costume Group

Pokemon Costume Group

Red Arrow Arsenal Costume

Rise of the Guardians Cosplay Costume Group

X-Force Shatterstar Cable Costume group

Females in mainstream comics are constantly being drawn with less and less clothing. Sometimes males get the same treatment. For example- Namor is usually only wearing a speedo in most of his appearances. But females almost always gets the ‘bikini’ treatment or centerfold treatment. Males are so neglected. These covers were meant to be a parody created by Brett White, but as a gay geek, I welcome them! I’d love to see more comic book covers like this.

Note- These covers were created as a response to the variant cover being released of an over-sexualized Spider-Woman in November (pictured below…way below)

Here’s the sexy Spider-Woman variant cover that everyone is talking about. Although, next to a cover of Spider-Man, it’s really that bad. Spider-Man’s nice tight ass is being shown pretty dominant in his cover.

sexy spider-man vs sexy spider-woman