So a couple companies send me porn DVD’s to review. And after I’ve saved the vids, I have the DVDs left over and I just store them with my old DVDs. However, they start to accumulate after a bit. Soooo, I decided to have a give away contest.

Here’s the rules to enter:

1. You must be subscribed to all three of my YouTube Channels:

2. Pick one of 2 categories: Write a short story or draw a character/scenario.

3. Both categories have to involve superheros and/or the GayComicGeek Character.

That’s pretty much it. The top 5 stories and the top five drawings will be picked by panel of judges. The judges are mostly people I know or people I’ve talked to online a bit that I can consider trustworthy. I get some sway in the decisions, but mostly if the stories or drawings are of me in general.

There’s no limit to the short stories, but keep in mind, the extremely long stories may not get finished by guys with short attention spans.

I will say that the extremely dirty, raunchy XXX stories will definitely get brownie points!

The winners will not only get a large selection of porn DVDs (some Blu-Rays are in there too), but I will also be using these pics in videos and be posting them literally everywhere that will let me post them.

Below are some GayComicGeek art samples that some people have sent me in the past as reference:

GayComicGeek Art


Gay Comic Geek - NUDE - Colors


GCG Tentacle



To give you some idea for a short story, below is a raunchy short story written by the a user online by the name of

Robin Meets Rogues… and the Joker is Wild.

PART ONE: The Submission

Fanfiction for Paul Charles, The Gay Comic Geek

This story is pure fiction, and is in no way intended to describe actual events. It includes heavy sexual content. Please do not read if such a thing is illegal where you live, or if you are under the legal adult age for your location.

**trigger warning! This story involves heavy dominance and submission, forced sexual activity and sexual violence. If you are not comfortable reading such things, DO NOT CONTINUE READING.**

It was almost time. We had the lights out, and Donk was right by the door, waiting. Tyler was next to him with the rope, and I was standing in front of the doorway, so that the only thing our target would see was me, when he opened the door. Downstairs, nerds from all corners of the globe ran around in cosplay, spending money, and fangeeking out at every turn. It was San Diego Comicon. The biggest comicon event in the world.

But in this room, tonight… Cosplay was going to take a very dark, fucked up turn. Tonight was the night I would kidnap and fuck the Gay Comic Geek.

The knock we had been waiting for finally came. “It’s unlocked, come on in,” I called out. The door opened, and in the halo of light from the hallway of the hotel, I could see him. Paul Charles. The Gay Comic Geek. Internet gay nerd sensation, and my ultimate fantasy. He was shorter than me, but way more muscular. His arms bulged in the classic Robin costume that he wore, and his big dick was nicely outlined by the tiny green underwear he wore.

“Hey man, nice Joker cosplay!” He exclaimed, with a big grin. “Are you ready?” he asked, clearly expecting that we’d go down to the comicon showroom downstairs.

And then Donk and Tyler jumped out from the shadows, and grabbed him. A blanket was wrapped around his face first, so he couldn’t scream, and Tyler swooped in with the rope, tying it around Paul’s chest immediately as they pulled him in the room, and forced him down on the floor.

I checked the door. It didn’t seem anyone had noticed. I could hear Paul’s muffled shouts, barely, through the thick blanket, as I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door, shut it, and locked it up. We didn’t need any visitors. No interruptions. Not tonight.

I turned around, flicking a light on. Tyler already had Paul tied up around the chest and hands, and was getting his feet at that moment. Donk, the most muscular of us three had one simple job. Hold Paul down so Tyler could tie him up. At six foot four and one hundred and ninety pounds of jock muscle, he was the right man for the job. And in his Killer Croc makeup and costume, he looked truly menacing, dominating the young man underneath him. The tail coming out of his ripped up jeans was flopping heavily around behind him as he overpowered his struggling victim.

Tyler was dressed as the Riddler, with a pink eye mask, and a sleek green spandex body suit covered in pink question marks. The tight suit showed off his lean build well, and the cock ring he wore made his dick look huge against the fabric. He was shorter than Donk, but still stood about six feet, and had the body of a surfer, with wide shoulders, a trim waist, a smooth and defined torso, and an amazing ass.

I was the most dressed of the three of us, in a three piece suit of perfect royal purple. I’d gone for the classic Joker look from the comics, dapper man in clown white, with a wicked evil grin painted. It wasn’t difficult; I already had a bit of a Joker smile naturally. I was also the shortest of the trio, at only five-nine. My blond hair had been dyed an electric green, and I had a harness on my hairy chest, underneath the suit. It was connected to my own cockring by a long leather strap down my tight eight pack. I may have been the shortest, but I had the best abs in the group.

Tyler finished tying our guest up, and they got him onto the bed. This was the tricky part. We had to get the gag on him fast enough that he couldn’t shout for help. Once that was done, we could start the fun. We’d practiced this a number of times to get it just right. Donk slightly eased on the hold of the blanket, and Tyler took the gag, slipping it under the blanket, as Paul’s shouts continued to be muffled. He got the thick fabric around the man’s head, and tied it off.

Finally, we had him.

Donk let the blanket drop, and picked Paul up, his arms bulging as his muscles flexed. He set our victim on the chair we’d prepared. There were leather straps around the arms and legs, and we attatched them to Paul, untying him. We left the gag on, of course. He thrashed and pulled against the bonds, but these were made to last, and there was no way he was getting out of them.

I turned, and grabbed my favorite sex toy. It was a black leather riding crop, but I’d painted the top with a little Joker face, and added a few green and purple feathers, to match my costume. There was even a bell dangling from the handle, making a joyful little ring as I moved. I turned back to Paul, and reached out with my crop, sliding it across his lips as he continued to shout, uselessly, for help.

Then I hit him, slapping the crop against his face. It wasn’t hard enough to do damage, but it was clear he’d have a welt. That shut him up. “That’s better,” I started, my voice full of menace. “Obviously, it’s not doing you any good to scream, since nobody can hear you through that damned gag,” I added, pointing out his futility.

Donk and Tyler came up beside me, giving their best thug faces. Tyler’s evil smile was almost as scary as Donk’s massive muscles. “I’m sure you recognize my cohorts, the Riddler and Killer Croc. They’re going to help me make sure you don’t get out of line tonight, aren’t you boys?” I cooed, putting that hint of madness that the Joker is famous for into my voice.

He tried asking something. We couldn’t understand what he was saying, but it was obvious what he wanted to know. “Why are you here?” I surmised. “It’s simple really. You’re here because you’ve been begging to get gangraped on your blog, for years. No, don’t deny it,” I added, as he mumbled and shook his head. “You’ve said on countless occasion that the idea of getting raped by a gang of villlains makes you horny. So very, very horny,” I added, as I walked behind him, and put my hands on his chest, rubbing it.

I leaned in, and mock-whispered in his ear. “You have asked for it. Begged for it. Told all us fanboys watching, jerking off to your sexy shirtless videos, that it would turn you on so much. So here’s your chance, little Robin,” I said, as my hands made their way down his torso. “Tonight, you are going to get fucked, pounded, raped, and abused. And you’re going to love every minute of it!”

I grabbed his dick, through his briefs, and smiled, confirming what I’d already guessed. “Mmmmm. Already hard, eh?” I said, squeezing. I could hear a gasp through the gag, and Donk grunted a rough laugh.

Tyler leaned in, smiling. “You’re right, Mr. J,” he said to me, keeping in character. “He’s just as much of a little slutboy as you guessed he would be.” He stepped forward, and took Paul’s head in his hands, pressing the man’s face into his crotch. I could see him getting hard in his costume, and he rubbed his lengthening dick against Paul’s mouth, cheeks, all over. I could feel Paul’s cock pump and flex as I stroked him through the fabric.

Donk growled through his mask, and ran a hand over his huge pecs, tweaking at his pierced nipple. He popped open his button fly with the other hand, and reached in, pulling out his monster cock. Both Tyler and I were hung well, but there’s a reason why we call our buddy Donk. He has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen in person. Easily over ten inches, and literally as thick as my wrist, he was uncut and had a thick Prince Albert piercing at the heavy tip, pushing back the foreskin.

I pulled Paul’s head back by the hair, making sure it hurt a little. “See that? Croc wants to impale you. Now, we can do this the hard way, or the really really hard way,” I said, tugging at his hair again. “It’s your choice, Robin. Do you want this to hurt? Or do you want this to hurt for a long time?”

Paul moaned, and I could see his eyes grow big as he watched Donk get hard. Tyler cackled an insane laugh as he knelt down in front of Donk. “Riddle me this, Boy Wonder!” he said, taking Donk’s massive meat in his hand. “What’s long, hard, and slick all over?” He leaned down, and swallowed about half of Donk’s cock, pulling back and covering it with his spit. “The cock that’s gonna be buried in your throat in a moment!” he answered, laughing in a high-pitched squeal.

I chuckled my own maniacal laugh, and leaned back down to Paul’s ear. “What’s it going to be, little Birdbrain? The beating of your life, or the fucking of your life? I can leave this gag in and let Croc here take out all his aggression on you with his fists… or I can take it off, and you can let Croc fuck his anger down your throat, instead?”

Paul looked around at the three of us, and saw sincerity in our eyes. Donk stepped forward, taking his horsecock in his hands, and smaking it against Paul’s face. With each slap, I could hear Paul moan through the gag. Tyler began to grope the man’s dick, which was practically bursting the underwear at the seams by now, he was so hard. I grabbed his hair again, roughly pulling him back to look at me. “Well?”

He closed his eyes. I could tell his answer before he made it. An affirmed sound came through the gag, as he nodded his head yes. “That’s a good fucktoy,” I said, smiling a huge Joker grin. I untied the gag, as he gasped for air. “Now, open wide!” I snorted, as Donk aimed his killer dong right at Paul’s mouth. The boy stretched his mouth open, and stuck his tongue out, his eyes half-closed with lust. is a badass artist! He’s done drawn all kinds of characters and some of the stories that he’s done are some of the most unique comics ever. Check out my review on his work, Lost Fantasy Hero.

Check out his site at: or go to:

Here’s some of his other work that’s also pretty amazing:


Camili-Cat - MOUNTED - Page 01 - Lettered

camsenior (1)





lost fantasy