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Every Tuesday I like to post up a few hot costume pics that I’ve collected throughout the week. Some are of friends, some are pics sent to me and some are just sexy mofos that I’ve seen here and there on line. Here’s a couple that I’ve found. Next week I’ll be spotlighting a hot daddy superhero that was recommended to me by a buddy of mine. So stay tuned for that one! (If he lets me post pics of him.)


Have you seen the 90’s movie – Beautiful Thing? It’s a pretty awesome movie. All around it feels almost like a real life event that took place that wasn’t too over dramatic but still had enough story to keep the viewer tuned in. It hits close to home on a lot of different avenues, including bullying, child abuse and gay coming of age.

The stars of the movie really make it what it is, which is an incredible well thought out story centered on two teenagers that are coming to terms with themselves and their relationship.

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GayComicGeek Drawing by Pumba

His name is Bryan aka Pumba and he’s amazing! He entered into my porn contest a couple months back but I’ve followed him and slightly stalked him ever since. I love everything that he’s posted. His art skills are off the chart and I have to say that he’s pretty easy on the eyes too. I’m not just saying that cause he’s hot, (which he is) but also that he’s a great cosplayer too. Check out his Sokka costume from Avatar- The Last Airbender:


He’s done other costumes and lots of art pieces. Here’s his Starlord and Digimon characters. Check him out at Tumblr when you get a chance:

And of course some of his other pieces that he’s done that was also based on my GayComicGeek character. I particularly like the jizz covered pic!


Last week I asked for all of you guys to send me pics of you in your underwear and I got a lot of submissions! I asked for geeky underwear, which most of you did, some just wanted to send underwear pics in general, but I won’t be picky. Here’s most of the pics that you guys are allowing me to show. Some pics sent were just for my eyes, and those were great too! Enjoy!

I figured I’d add a couple of my friends and me in our Superhero Costume Underwear Party that we have at Dragon Con each year.


Here’s my video review for issue number 2 for Fight Club 2. It’s a great story so far. Maybe we’ll get a movie version sometime down the line. I’d love to see Ed Norton return back to his narrator role.

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Source: GayComicGeek – Safe

Gay of Thrones Part 5 Mancast (6).Movie_Snapshot just released Gay of Thrones Part 5!

Fuck yeah, I love this series. did such a badass job with the costumes, the scenery, and all around it was just hot. Especially love the Medieval look to everything and that it took place outside. Which outside is my favorite place for any porn scene to take place.

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This scene stars: Paddy O’Brian

Paddy OBrien

And Connor Macguire

Connor Macguire

I wouldn’t be able to keep doing what I do if I didn’t plug certain affiliates here and there, which I’m happy to be able to get Lucas Entertainment vids.. In this scene we have Adam Rizzo, Jake Andrews and Leo Alexander.
Lucas Entertainment has a different quality of work on their films. Each one feels a bit different and I love their uniqueness in making some actual stories involved in their movies.
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LVP214_Jake_Andrews_03 just came out with their new movie – Opportunity Knocks. This was directed by Joe Gage and has a whole slew of hotties in it!

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This Movie Stars: Dirk Caber

Dirk Caber

Nick Prescoty

Nick Prescott

JD Phoenix

JD Phoenix

Dolan Wolfe

Dolan Wolfe

Colby White

Colby White

And Layne Nixon

Layne Nixon