Castiel 3
I ask this seriously because I sometimes really like the dumb look on some guy’s faces. They do not have to be dumb, but the look of being continually perplexed is just something that I get attracted to. Misha Collins’ character – Castiel – does this perfectly on Supernatural. That’s one of the biggest factors of me thinking he’s so sexy. He is superhot too. But anyways, is that a thing? No one seems to know what I mean by that saying the dumb look is hot. In all seriousness, the guy can be a total genius, but if they just look confused and like they have no idea what’s going on for long periods of time or constantly in some cases, I find that sexy. I don’t know if there’s an actual fetish or a description of this attraction, but I can’t be alone on this, right?

Dumb LookDumb Look 9

Dumb look 5Dumb Look 1









Dumb look 4Dumb look 3Dumb look 2Ferris Bueller's Day Off


Have some questions about fisting? Or you have some inquiries about what fisting is? Well, on this video of Watts the Safeword, Bolt and special guest star Brian Bonds explore some of these topics. This is a huge topic among not only gay sex but in hetero sex too. It’s a great video and I hope they bring Brian back for future videos too.

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Stealth Fuckers 1 (2).Movie_Snapshot

You have got to love it when you’re having a conversation with someone and you have no idea that they’re being fucked by someone behind a closed door. To me, that is so fucking incredible! Billy Santoro and Colby Jansen do just that in this scene from’s Stealth Fuckers Part 1. I love these kind of scenarios!

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This Scene stars: Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen

And Billy Santoro

>Billy Santoro

Infinity Gauntlet 4 Complete (2).Movie_Snapshot

The epic battle between the remain heroes of Earth who have banded together under the leader ship of Adam Warlock, finally takes place. And this battle is one of the greatest battles that Marvel comics had produced up to this point. Thanos does appear to be unstoppable with his possession of the Infinity Gems. Check out my review on this issue in the video below.

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Koolaid Man OH YEAH

What constitutes a sexy costume? Whatever the wearer thinks is sexy, well then that makes that costume in my book. I have seen several sites list up pics of men (and women) in costume that represents ideas for new sexy costumes for this Halloween month. I figure I should do that too! I do not think that all the pics are actually from Halloween, but what does that matter?

Green Lantern

Generally for a costume to be considered ‘sexy,’ this entails lots of skin to be shown. Sometimes, no actual costume is needed and you could just wear a domino mask and some matching underwear and bam, you’re a Lantern! Although sometimes showing a guy costume fully clothed that gives so much to the imagination can be better. It all depends on your tastes.


I am so completely guilty of doing the whole shirtless costume thing. Check out my Harvey Quinn or Beast Boy costume if you have not seen that. Regardless, I Halloween is here and many people love to make something new to wear around and be another person. Whether it’s a naked Batman, sexy Plumbers, or a costume that you love and want to wear with no ulterior motivations, what costume are you making? I am doing a Marty McFly costume to pay homage to Back to the Future. Anyways, here’s some sexy costume pics that I’ve seen online. Because, I love human flesh. I mean I like seeing human flesh in the good way, not the horrific awful axe butcher way.


TitanMen has some damn awesome movies in their history. I’ve mentioned several of them in past reviews and I’ll be getting to some of their other gems very soon. Here’s a clip compilation of one of their past movie series – Fallen Angel. It’s dark, gritty, and the guys are nasty pervs. How awesome is that!

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Infinity Gauntlet 3 Complete (2).Movie_Snapshot

The team has been formed and the big battle for the universe is about to take place. The Infinity Gauntlet saga, #3 takes up where part 2 left off with the Earth being knocked off it’s axis and starting to float away from the sun. The universe could be destroyed on a whim by Thanos of Titan, who now possesses all 6 of the Infinity Gems and now has the power of God. This a great read with incredible artwork. Check out on my thoughts on issue number 3.

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I am loving the Muppets! What a great show. Besides pissing off that A Million Moms group, the show is really funny. This small joke below literally made me do a spit take. It’s definitely aimed at an older audience. But I still feel like it retains a lot of the childlike influences that made many kids adore them.

Muppets 1

Muppets 2

Muppets 3

A Ginger

I’m trying to find reasons to post up hot sexy men. Particularly the elusive ginger, but I can’t really find any except that I like to do it. That’s good enough, right? I have several friends that are gingers, but most surprisingly don’t think of themselves as being sexy. They are, but they don’t see it themselves. I may have to remind them from time to time and repost a couple of their pics. But anyways, I talk to much. Here’s some hot gingers!