My current theme on this site is AnglePane from Planet Starta. I can get comments on my posts. However, the theme I have on this site prevents me to post the comments. When I’m on the administrative view, I can see all the comments. So, I think it’s time to update my theme on this site. I’ll be in New York for the next week, but if any of you find a decent comic book/geeky theme that would look for my site, please let me know.

And don’t worry, I can see the comments. So if you leave a comment, I will see it. But the average viewer unfortunately cannot.

I’ve kinda worked on this costume in secret and not really put in all the effort I could have with this costume. He’s teen Loki from the Young Avenger series and his own new series. I literally did this one in the last 2 weeks just based on my friend Andrew’s request. He wanted to have a Young Avenger team up at New York Comic Con and I put this together in the matter of a week. I couldn’t finish the long coat that Loki wears, and the horns a bit too big, but I still think it came out pretty decent.