Here’s a reference to Shatterstar for your reference in case you don’t know who I’m talking about. I’m doing his costume from the 90′s. I’m not too much of a fan of his modern version.

I’ve been working on this Shatterstar costume for a couple weeks. He’s the first bi-sexual character I’ve ever done and I think I’m almost done. Here’s some of the progress pics I’ve taken. I like how his face mask came out.

What do you guys think?

Here the progress I’ve made on his double swords. Gesso, foamboards, foamies Apoxie clay and lots of sanding. I’m not happy with them. I may end up breaking down and buying swords, but I did want to try and make these completely on my own.

The costume itself was easy sowing. I’ve been practicing a lot on it.


The belt was the easiest. Pleather/Brown cloth and hot glue gun. Bam, just like that.













The mask was a bit difficult, but really just tedious and time consuming. Foam, wiring, plastidip, and more pleather. And again, lots of glue gunning. Now, the wig, I have no idea how to brush it and put in two “warrior braids” in it. I literally have to google ‘how to braid.’ How do people with long how deal with this? It’s so much work.

As a kid I loved Superman. When I became a teenager, then I started to look at him differently. When I finally excepted that I was gay in my head, I realized that Superman turned me on. He turned me on a lot! Other than Spider-Man, I think Superman turned me on more than any other character ever! Robin is my boy and I think he’s hot, but I think that Superman takes the cake with hotness. The hair muscular chest, the looks, and the fact that his costume is ripped all the time, it really gets me going.

And for those heroes that I like in that very special way, I also like to see them being abused (sexually) too. I can’t explain it, but my dick gets hard seeing sexy costume guys being violated and having their costumes ripped.

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