Have you seen Freier Falls? It’s definitely enjoyable and the storyline is well done. The ending isn’t the best, but you if you go looking at movies for the main content, then it is definitely worthwhile. The actors are all incredibly good looking as well and their sex scenes are totally intense and hot. That made it more view worthy in my opinion.

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Over at there is a Bound Gods series that has lots of kinky stuff going on. I just found out today that there was a Catholic Priest scene that was made with Doug Acre and Hayden Richards. And holy fuck, it was hot and wrong at the same time!

I loved it and I hope they do more like this! Check out my video review below and then check out the full scene a: and look for Gay- Bound Gods.

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This scene stars: Doug Acre (as the first naughty Priest

Doug Acre

And Hayden Richards

Hayden Richards

I’m always on the hunt for sexy cosplay guys out there. There’s about a 10 to 1 ratio of female cosplay pics as oppose to the males. It’s kinda staggering, because I know the ratio of guys costuming are nearly equal. But because we live in the world that we do, the guys pics aren’t taken anywhere near as often. But here’s some guys that I think are pretty fracking great!

I just went to my PO Box today and damn. I wasn’t expecting all of these items. The porn I knew about, the rest is completely new. You guys rock!

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Ass Bandit Part 2 from is out! Unfortunately we do not have the same effect of having the boyfriend in the next room and that chance of being caught, but both Johnny Hazzard and Will Braun are hot enough for the scene to be good.

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This scene stars: Will Braun

Will Braun

And Johnny Hazzard

Johnny Hazzard

New Movie (14).Movie_Snapshot

I went to Florida SuperCon 2015 this past weekend. It was fun, but because of the heat, the traffic, and the huge as line to get in, I couldn’t stay for too long. I was only able to stay for a day regardless, but still it was a lot of fun. Here’s some pics and vids that I took in the little time that I was there.

Hot Glasses Guy 28

A lot of these pics are Facebook friends of mine. They’re not all nerdy, but I love guys in glasses! And the ‘nerd’ things is such a turn on for me. There’s a couple porn pics mixed in here too, but they’re fucking awesome.

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