Lucas Entertainment Preview – Rico Marlon and Louis Ricaute Bareback Splack Drake Rogers (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Summary: Drake Rogers isn’t ashamed of his constant hunger for raw dick. This kid loves swallowing uncut cock and getting his ass railed, so the production team decided to fulfill his need for raw uncut cock times two: with Rico Marlon and Louis Ricaute. Drake has his work cut out for him, because Rico and Louis don’t give up on Drake’s throat and ass until they blow their hot loads!

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Who will Survive the Extermination #1 and Infinity Wars #2 – Comic Load 8/15/2018

It’s comic book day! We have some MAJOR deaths taking place in Marvel with both the Avengers and the X-Men. Who will survive both of these sagas? This is a great comic load. Also included is Justice League #6, Astonishing X-Men Annual #1, A Clash of Kings #12, and Weapon H #6. What’s your comic load look like?

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Mindf****** vs Superman – ManUpFilm UNCUT Gay XXX Scene Review – Superhero Parody (NSFW)

ManUpFilms is a subsite from PervOut that is owned by the badass and sexy as fuck – Lance Hart. He loves to do Superhero porn parodies. Although he lacks finances to make big scenes, he makes up for that by going all out in his and his co-stars performances. This scene has him playing Superman and fighting against D Arclyte as Mindfucker. Poor Superman, he gets so humiliated in this scene. It’s fucking hot as hell!

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Lucas Entertainment Preview – Viktor Rom Drills Jackson Radiz and Ruslan Angelo (NSFW)

Lucas Entertainment Summary: No, it’s not wordplay — Viktor Rom actually drills power-bottoms Jackson Radiz and Ruslan Angelo with a huge dildo device provided by our friends over at Fort Troff. Viktor Rom, himself, is a fuck machine when he mounts a bottom and pumps a load, so just wait until you see what he can do with the dildo drill! 

To see the full scene, head over to:


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Wesley Woods – Man Crush Monday (NSFW)

If you are unaware of this, one of my top 5 favorite porn celebrities is Wesley Woods. Unfortunately he and his best friend were attacked in West Hollywood, California this past weekend in a gay hate crime. Wesley posted up info on his social media about the attack and showed his wounds to the world. A couple of cowards attacked him for being who he was.
Woods stated: “I’m not posting this video for sympathy. I’m posting it for awareness...

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Watts The Safeword – Our Kinky Favs – For August

New Watts The Safeword video – These are a few of our favorite things! (At least from this last month) Hope you guys enjoy a look into some of our recent favorites in the kink departement, or just LGBT department in general (not all of them are kink specific)! Let us know if this is something you guys enjoy, or what some of your kinky favs are!

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Angelface #1 thru #3 – Class Comics Gay Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

During the prohibition era in the United States, the country was a much different place. This story takes place doing that era with the protagonist/antagonist Angelface as a thief who betrays his partner/lover and gets hustled into working for the the Black Rook gang. His former partner, Red follows him across the world to get answers and may come to his rescue despite how he was treated. This was written and drawn by Benoît Prévot and the series is published by Class Comics.

This comic book...

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Wesley Woods Gets Plugged and Edged – Men on Edge KinkMen Gay XXX Scene Review (NSFW)

I love me some Wesley Woods! He’s super sexy, hilarious, charming, and fucking hell, he’s great at every sexual positioning that he does. In his latest KinkMen scene from the Men On Edge series, Wesley is tied up, played with, plugged and edged until he’s begging to nut all over himself by Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. It’s fucking awesome! Check out my thoughts on this scene in the attached video.

Check out my thoughts on his latest scene from

Wesley Woods Gets Plugged &...

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Return of the Fantastic Four #1 & More – Comic Load 8/8/2018

It’s comic book day! The Fantastic Four are back…mostly. We get a new title with Marvel’s first superhero family and you can just feel the spark of hope returning back to their universe. There’s lots of other titles that came out this week, but I could only get to a few myself. Check out my thoughts on my own comic book load in the attached video. What’s your comic load look like?

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The Jem Retrospective — Roxy Rumbles & Alone Again (with special guest, Diva of Musical Hell)

Title card by Whyboy of ToonGrin at:

In which we learn about illiteracy (again) and how substance abuse can lead to bad guitar playing.

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