Gents Men at Play FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Just in, one of the newest scenes from Men at Play – Gents. This is incredibly hot with two hot stars in it. Check out my thoughts in the video below.

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This scene stars: Dani Robbles

Dani Robles

Matthew Anders

Matthew Anders

Masters of the Universe Mini Comic Book Collection YOUTUBE (3).Movie_Snapshot

By far, Masters of the Universe is my favorite genre. I love the original stories, the cartoon, and especially the mini comic books that were included with the original figures. Finally, Dark Horse comics has released a collection of almost all of the mini comics that have been produced by Mattel/DC Comics/Dark Horse throughout the run of the toy figures. This book is incredible! I’m loving it more than I can describe.

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Ghost 3

Like all human beings, I have had fantasies that sometimes are hard to define. Only once have I crowd surfed (at a Green Day concert and it was awesome) and was carried around by multiple hands. This may seem innocent but I was grabbed and fondled on my ass and crotch at several points. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it was innocent. I don’t know, but when I finally was let down, I had a rock hard boner. It turned me on that I was felt up by random people that I never even saw or knew what they looked like. Hell, a couple of them could have women (shutter…ehhh…). I learned 2 very valuable lessons after this. First- Take your wallet out of your back pocket at any concert regardless of crowd surfing because it could easily be stolen. And seecond- I got turned on by having random hands touch me. At first I thought this enjoyment rooted back to just some anime thing that I saw on a twisted tentacle series back when I was younger. But after some research I saw that this is a fetish that exists among many people. The idea of having multiple people play around with a participant while doing every sexual thing possible with their hands, is something that a lot of people get into.

Ghost 4

There are different ranges of the sexual contact that take place. And there are different variants as to the willingness of the participant’s involvement. Or for the those that are into the rape scenario, their non-willing involvement. Many times there seems to be some level of roleplay where the person being fondled and played with has a bit of resistance. However ultimately that person becomes consensual to his captors. Other times, the participant is completely willing and just allows the aggressors to do what they want and enjoys everything from the beginning to end.

Groping Hands

There is site called that has this exact scenario down. The only problem with this site is that the guys that are being sexually played with, they’re completely emotionless. It’s sad, because there’s so much potential with this site. The guys being fucked with just look off as if they’re staring blankly into nothingness (or many times, the camera itself) and are just waiting for the “hands” to stop playing with them. Where is the moaning? The feelings of pleasure? Where is the resistance? Where is the guy begging to get jizz? Occasionally we will see a bit of perplexity on their face, but it’s very brief.

Groping HandsGroping 1Groping 3Groping 4

To make the videos so much better, they should have the guys feel something. They should also have more “mysterious hands.” Have 2 guys holding down the violated and then have 2 more guys play with the guy being held down. The guys being played with should also have more done to them. It seems very limited in touching, putting in a butt plug and then jerk them off. Face fuck them with their fingers, or take the plugs out and use that to fuck their faces. Also, the assaulters should dress in all black with a black backdrop with just their arms expose. Or hell, have a green screen backdrop and the bodies of the men that are violating the victim also wear green screen catsuit material with just the flesh on their their arms and hands being exposed. This would give the full illusion that just floating arms are around messing with the guy. Plus with the green screening, there could be any background put in place. This is such a missed opportunity site that has much more buying power if they just put in a little more effort.

Men in Black

I know I think too much over porn and I should make my own one day involving a superhero being defeated by a multiple supervillains, each with their own power to humiliate the good in any number of ways. However, many people do not care about any scenario and just want to see the guys get off. But there are others that like different things, and mysterious groping hands is something that is out of the ordinary. What do you think? Is this is a turn on for you? Have you seen porn with this idea in mind?


Dick Moves FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Just in, Raging Stallions new movie – Dick Moves. Directed by Steve Cruz and starring the super badass Bravo Delta.


If you’re unaware of this, Bravo has done lots of Xtube vids and scenes for Cocky Boys. I love this guy! Check out his scene with Raging Stallions as an exclusive. Looks like he’ll be doing a lot more in the coming months.

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This movie also stars: Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross

Boom Banks

Boomer Banks

Chris Harder

Chris Harder

Mike De Marco

Mike De Marco

Sex Dream True Blood 1
Despite what TV shows have taught us, when you have sex dreams with a random person in your life, and you had no feelings for this person before the dream, it does not always mean that you are secretly in love with them. Many times the dream is random and is simply a person that you thought was insignificant but your mind decided to focus on some stronger meaning of what this background association meant to your day to day life. Although other times it could be that your mind has made you realize that there are other people in your routines that need some sort of attention for their contributions. Some sex dreams revolve around people that you would never consider to have an intimate relation with because they are unappealing to you. This could sometimes even be with a gender that you usually never want to have any sex with. That is not to say that you may not have your mind tell you that you do like someone more than you originally thought. Sometimes you are just really horny and you find someone attractive, then of course you could also have that person in your thoughts and want to become sexually involved with them through a dream. Although generally you usually already know this before you have the dream.


That being said, I had a sex dream with a friend of mine (one of the guys in the pic below) that I would not have ever thought of having a sex dream with. I will not say who that person is, but unfortunately it is a guy that I am close with. And now I can’t get him out of my head. I know I don’t secretly like him, but damn it was hot. Especially because we knew each other so well and that we knew what the other would like. I have to go take a cold shower now. Anyone have a dream like this before and have a hard time getting that person out of your head?


Transformering Tovey

I have noticed on my adventures through different fetish sites that there are a number of pics and some animations of men being transformed into animals. I thought these were Furries at first. but then I noticed that the usually just stop at the men becoming full animals. Sometimes there is still more sex involved, but it is differently not with Furries, it is with other animals with no humanistic traits. Is this a sexualized version of Animorphs?
Donkey 1Donkey 2Donkey 3Donkey 4Donkey 5Donkey 6Donkey 11Donkey 7Donkey 8Donkey 9Donkey 10

Many times there are drawings and art that depicts this. Sometimes it is famous characters and sometimes it’s just normal people. They all go through animalistic changes and the sites that show the men transforming emphasize particularly when they are taking their clothes off and their dicks are being exposed. Usually their genitals are being morphed as well.

What is really cool is that there are a number of posts and sites that glorify Werewolf movies in particular because of the intensity of their transformations. I love werewolves myself, much more than vampires. If I had the choice of supernatural creature, I’d be a Lycan from Underworld. They’re so incredibly badass. I saw the movie An American Werewolf in London, when I was a kid because its somewhat sequel, An American Werewolf in Paris had just came out and I thought I had to see the prequal first. I was naive at the time. But I popped a boner seeing the guy take his clothes off and almost show his junk in the first movie.

russell tovey nude being human

The British version of Being Human showed Russell Tovey taking his clothes off and showing his ass almost once per episode when he would become a werewolf. Is that why I liked the British version so much better than the American version? Wow Russell Tovey’s ass is great…what was I saying? Oh yeah, animorphic transformations.

There are some animations that have been done as well. Tumblr is a huge source of this material. One vid showed a conveyor belt of men being slowly transformed into donkeys and then having them ‘milked’ as they’e taken away. See the vid above. Many drawings show men being morphed into any number of species.

Dean Transforms

I have found many sites dedicated to showing pics of transformations. One was called, You do have to see a lot of painful female renditions, but that is to be expected. There is another site called: that focuses on sci-fi and cyborg transformations, but it also has lots of animal morphing as well. I have found little information that names this fetish. So does this fetish have a name? Is it a fetish? For no particular reason, below is a gay werewolf, human couple. It’s very cute.

Fuck Fairyland 2 YOUTUBE.Movie_Snapshot

The second issue to Image Comics – Fuck Fairyland or I Hate Fairyland has recently come out. Damn, Gertrude is pissed at the world and is not afraid to let everyone know about it. She is a totally fucked up woman in a little girl’s body. This issue she takes on a horde minions controlled by an evil witch. Probably not till the end of the series. And even then…

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Stealth Fuckers 6 2.Movie_Snapshot

The Stealth Fuckers series from is not done yet! Here is the 6th installment into this series. Landon Mycles returns, but this time he’s joined by Brendon Phillips and Brendon’s girlfriend (small cameo scene).

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This Scene Stars: Landon Mycles

Landon Mycles

And Brendan Phillips

Brendan Phillips

Back to the Future 2 Vimeo.Movie_Snapshot

Issue number 2 from the IDW Comics Back to the Future mini series is out. This consists of 2 different stories taking place in different points in time with Doc and Marty.

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