Watts the Safeword

Have you wondered how to tie certain knots? Well, Bolt and Amp talk about bondage and how to make certain ways to tie up your bottom. Pretty good instructional vid, cause I literally have no real knowledge on this except what I see in movies. We definitely need more tutorials like this.

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You're Killing Me

Imagine dating a guy that’s secretly a serial murderer. Usually this happens in the heterosexual world, but occasionally by the laws of statistics, there has to be some gay serial killers too, right? Well the movie – You’re Kill Me seems to explore this scenario. I definitaly want to watch this. It seems almost like a gay version of Dexter. This movie stars Drew Droege, Sam Pancake, and Jack Plotnick.

Final Girls

Usually these types of movies seem pretty lame and this one doesn’t look to be the highest quality, but the premise is pretty good. Plus, who hasn’t wanted to see the big bad Jason…or whoever this guy is…fight up against people that actually know that he’s lurking around. I may watch this.

God is Dead Vol 2 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Here’s my review on volume 2 of this really fucked up series from Avatar Press. It’s not the weirdest series out there, but it definitely ranks up there. This time, I really do think that the real God is dead in this comic book line.

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New Movie (5).Movie_Snapshot

Finally, we get to see Men.com star, Will Braun bottom for the first time! Maybe I’m too excited about this, but I’ve only seen him do scenes where he’s a top. It’s kinda nice to see him bottom for a change. I think everyone should be versatile. His partner in crime this go around is Christian Wilde. Pretty impressive and this was a hot scene! Check out my thoughts on it in the vid below.

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This scene stars: Christian Wilde and Will Braun

Christian Wild

Will Braun

Pregnant Man 5

In my endless searches of porn and everything else adult/geeky related, I came across several blogs that were dedicated to men seeking other men that appear to look pregnant. I did not even know that was possible. I completely understand the fetish, being that it is nothing new. But usually this exists in the heterosexual porn world because there are numerous pregnancy porn sites dedicated to this fetish. I personally know at least one heterosexual friend that admits to being much more turned on by his wife when she is pregnant. They have 6 children with one more on the way. But being that men cannot get pregnant, I didn’t think that this taste translated over to the homosexual world. I stand corrected!

The first site I came across was MalePreg.com, and I was confused for about minute as to what I was seeing. The first thought I had was that this was some sort of medical condition. Then it clicked in my head and I literally had one of those- ‘OOOOOOhhhhhh, I get it!’ -moments. I’m slow that way. The site itself has full on vids with men going into contractions and pains, as if real child birth is about to take place. The full fantasy is definitely present.

One Tumblr blog I came across wasn’t dedicated to just pregnant men, but “actively promotes, embraces, and cultivates ALL aspects of male pregnancy from insemination to birth.” This was CuminHimDaily.Tumblr.com. This site definitely has the pregnancy taste to it but also had roles of domination and submission. Specifically of the alpha top, inseminating the bottom. So this seems to be geared more towards getting a man pregnant. Which I know that in itself is also a big thing for many guys out there that likes to have their ‘seed’ implanted in other guys.

I will never see and know about every fetish out in the world, especially being that new fetishes arise all the time. Male pregnancy does not seem to be new, so I should have probably thought about this one much earlier than now. I sometimes feel like I’m knowledgeable about many ways of the world, but I am constantly reminded that I am very naive in so many aspects of life. This is a unique fetish, so I am curious if anyone out there has a fetish like this or if you know someone that is into this. Let me know, I am curious. I am also curious if anyone into this fetish got turned on by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie Junior?


Civil War

New Promo Art was released as to the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie. Noticeably absent is Spider-Man, Thor and Hulk. Spider-Man has been long rumored to be in the movie within some capacity as well as Bruce Banner. They could just be cameos that appear at some point in time. But regardless, this mini-Avengers movie looks to be pretty damn awesome! I cannot wait to see it!

Team Captain America

Team Iron Man


Here’s an excellent post on prostitution by Matt Baume. He makes perfect sense and the facts don’t lie. I cannot understand why the U.S. has not legalized this work as of yet.

Should Sex Work be a Crime?It’s a good day for Craigslist! The Department of Homeland Security just raided Rentboy.com, putting an end to one of the best ways for escorts and clients to find each other online. And good for DHS, because prostitution is bad, right? Well, not so fast. If sex work is so harmful, why do so many major medical and human rights groups actually support decriminalization?

Posted by Matt Baume on Wednesday, August 26, 2015



Fight Club 2 Issue 4 (3).Movie_Snapshot

Fight Club 2 – Issue #4 is out! Damn, this is a great comic book series. I really hope that a movie could be made about it. I doubt it’ll happen, but I can dream! Check out my review on this below.

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