One of my bestest buddies- Andrew Patrick Kelly (Joker/Constantine/Ghostbuster) is need of support. I would never post this unless it is a big deal. Check out his GoFundMe. As a reward, he said if he can reach this goal, he would make out with me for exactly 1 minute (with tongue) and his girlfriend will record it for future use. For the love of god people, help this man! I want to make out… I mean, I want to make sure he is not homeless.

In all seriousness though, I do love this guy a lot and I do not want him to be homeless. So I am doing all that I can and spreading the word for him. I helped and donated myself as well. I wish I could do more.

Here’s the

Andrew Patrick Kelly 4Andrew Patrick Kelly 14

Superhero Porn

Why do porn companies not make more superhero porn? I have asked this in numerous posts, comments, vlogs, random videos, articles, and I have even contacted several companies and asked why superhero porns are not produced. I have received very little feedback as to the exact reason. I will not give the name to the company, but one response was this exact quote:

Supply and demand exists because of a need for particular products and the willingness of the customer to purchase said products. Many of our consumers demand certain revenues that we take with our performers and research has indicated that an endeavor into any sci-fi realm, particularly with ‘superheroes’ would not be profitable. I appreciate your interest in this field but unfortunately, there is no chance that we would explore this topic with our organization at this time.

I appreciate the response back and the professionalism without sounding sarcastic. They were very polite and was not demeaning in any way. And at least there was a response that was given. Some companies are either very vague or write off my request as if I was just a fanboy that is just asking pointless questions.

Superman Bugle

But I ask this seriously, why are superhero gay porns not a bigger thing? Looking back at superhero history, Superman, the first modern superhero was very homoerotic. (Pic above may have photoshopped enlarged bulge.) He was a muscular burly man, with a hairy chest and a skin tight spandex costume with a huge bulgey crotch. He screams homo eroticism. The next major superhero was Batman. He adopted a young boy as his ward, to which media and the audience have been screaming ‘gay’ for over 75 years.


On the other side of the spectrum in Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics) – Namor the Submariner was created, who pre-dates Aquaman by several years, and he appeared wearing a speedo and some gauntlets and nothing else in his original appearances. It was not even legal to wear such skimpy clothing in most public beaches back in the 40s. But he wore it with pride. The gayness is everywhere. And these are just the example back in the 1940s. (Pic above may also be photoshopped)

Green Lantern and Batman and Robin

Credit does need to be given to the few companies out there that have made some endeavors into superhero porn. ManVille Entertainment has made several parodies into porn that include, Batman and Robin and Green Lantern. The costumes were very simplistic and purchased through a company called Rubies that are associated with cheap Halloween accessories, but they tried. I will give them that.

Men on Edge

Another site, has a subsite called Men On Edge and they have made a couple scenes that include superheroes. I have to admit that these are very impressive. They created their own superheroes and made their own unique scenarios that fit perfectly into their particular brand of porn. Look up the The Orgazamatron when you get a chance to see how they achieved this. I believe they had something here and should continue to make scenes like these.


There are also some awesome low budget scenes that Lance Hart has made for his own online independent site Lance’s sexuality is very fluid but he is not afraid to show his gay audience what they want to see in terms of his productions. He has lots of superheros being humiliated and taken advantage of sexually. The costumes are not the greatest, but they are skin tight. A lot of scenes are geared towards particular fetishes like ballbusting and wedgies, but he is definitely trying and he has a great talent for his work. He has also posted full on sex scenes with both Superman and Batman on that are incredible! I have spanked more times to these two scenes than any other superhero porn scenes ever.

Hard Heroes 1Hard Heroes 2

The company do make some superhero based wrestling scenes. Sometimes they will incorporate porn too, which are great. Many times the scenes are just bondage and lots of feeling up of the heroes, but at least it exists and this is a part of their site. They acknowledge that there is gay superhero porn audience out there. They did have one full on gay porn superhero movie called Hard Heroes that was made way back in 2000. It is dated but it included a supervillain at his finest and the heroes taken advantage of sexually. It is a satisfying movie.

Porn Arrow vs Mainstream Arrow

Over at, they created a scene called Arrow that starred Liam Magnuson before he retired from porn acting. I am still mourning his departure from porn. But besides picking an entertainer that looks sexy in every respect and also being similar to the actor Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen/Arrow), they used a costume that represents the Green Arrow’s look on the show and did an excellent job at producing this. Unfortunately, it was the only one that they made. There so much potential in this series being made further. Red Arrow/Arsenal/Speedy could be brought in with Diggle and the Dark Archer. It had so many more components that would be incredible. Or maybe incorporate more characters from other series, like maybe the Flash?

Looking to the other side of the spectrum to heterosexual porn, Axel Braun is my spirit guide. Wow! The movies he makes with the costumes and stories in his superhero porn parodies are insanely awesome! It almost makes me sick that these movies are being made exclusively for the heterosexual male. Look at the trailer above and tell me that this does not piss you off that heterosexuals get this high quality porn. Gay Geeks can appreciate it, but come on gay porn companies. Why can we not get something like this?

Spider-Man K

I cannot believe that in this day and age that there are not enough Gay Geeks or even moderate passing superhero fans in the world to support this type of scenario. There is a huge market for this type of porn. This is not the 1980s-1990s where being a geek was shamed by all manners of society, gay and straight alike. Gay Geeks are out in force. We are a HUGE community. Heterosexuals have acknowledged the Straight Geek. Gay culture may not have accepted this as much, but look at any Gay Geek group on any number of social media sites and you see thousands of members. Some members are more hardcore than others and some are just there because they enjoy one particular franchise, but there is no shame to being a Gay Geek anymore. What is more curious is that even with the huge number of gay geeks, regardless of orientation, regardless of background, and regardless of your social status, one thing is constant- If you are a male and have internet, you watch porn. You would think that some of the major gay porn companies would at least try to tap into this market.

Daredevil 4Daredevil 3

Unfortunately this may not happen anytime soon. I know I am asking for too much and that a superhero porn on Axel Braun’s level may be beyond any budget, but hell, there are a number of other superhero porn movies that can be made that could be on a lower budget. For instance- Netflix’s Daredevil in his black costume is beyond easy to make. His porn parody could write itself with Foggy Nelson and Kingpin and still incorporate some of the clichéd ‘steamy alley scenes.’ Hell, at this point I’d take even a Constantine porn parody, he is bisexual. He does not even wear spandex.

Gay Superheroes

So why don’t gay superhero porns exist? Is it because of budgets? Is it laziness on the part of the companies? Is it because there really is not a market for superheroes in the gay community? I am very curious to know why this is not a thing. EVERYTHING else is a thing, why not superheroes?


Thank you MindSweeperArt for providing with some of these photoshopped images.


If you are in the U.S. and you celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great one! Do not eat as much I will be eating, because that would be a lot. If you are traveling, be safe. If you are going to be around ultra conservative family members that will more than likely offend you because they are uninformed, be the better person. Know that you are much more intelligent.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy these hot sexy Native Americans. Because without them, our ancestors would never made it. I will not go into the horrible atrocities that was committed to their people that occurred afterwards. By the way, there are not a lot of Native American porn performers out there. There are some here and there that claim to be part Native American, but half the time, they look whiter than me and I question that.

Joaquin SoloNative Americans 1

DKIII  Issue 1 YOUTUBE FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Here is the first part to the third installment of the Dark Knight Returns series that was written Frank Miller. The original series is potentially one of the best stories ever written for Batman. The second series, the Dark Knight Strikes Again was not so great. However this series has a lot of potential.

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Bulge 13

It may sound weird, but I usually like to see bulges more than the actual junk on a guy. Granted, I would want to eventually see the guy’s junk, but I get very turned on by seeing a guy’s crotch and seeing the tightness of that area more than anything. Lately I’ve been asked a lot if I want to see someone’s dick. I think it’d be cooler to see the bulge in their pants so much more.
A Bulge

Unfortunately I do not have a lot of tight pants. Unless I am in costume or if I am wearing skinny jeans. Which I hate skinny jeans. They’re just not for me. I personally prefer comfortable pants that’s slightly loose. Not baggy, but carpenter pants are awesome. The problem with being comfortable is that it is not always the sexiest thing to wear. Hence, why I like boxers rather than sexy underwear. It’s just so much more comfortable.
Bulge Grab John Barrowman

Speaking of crotches, I want to take a pic with John Barrowman aka Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow aka Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood/Doctor Who. I want him to do exactly what I’ve seen him do in countless pics with other guys out there (See pic above). I don’t care if I have to pay him to do it, that picture is my dream!
Bulge 1

Anyways, show me your junk! You got pics of your bulge you want to share? Now would be a great time to do that! You can message me on my Social Media site or email me directly at:
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Gents Men at Play FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Just in, one of the newest scenes from Men at Play – Gents. This is incredibly hot with two hot stars in it. Check out my thoughts in the video below.

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This scene stars: Dani Robbles

Dani Robles

Matthew Anders

Matthew Anders

Masters of the Universe Mini Comic Book Collection YOUTUBE (3).Movie_Snapshot

By far, Masters of the Universe is my favorite genre. I love the original stories, the cartoon, and especially the mini comic books that were included with the original figures. Finally, Dark Horse comics has released a collection of almost all of the mini comics that have been produced by Mattel/DC Comics/Dark Horse throughout the run of the toy figures. This book is incredible! I’m loving it more than I can describe.

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Ghost 3

Like all human beings, I have had fantasies that sometimes are hard to define. Only once have I crowd surfed (at a Green Day concert and it was awesome) and was carried around by multiple hands. This may seem innocent but I was grabbed and fondled on my ass and crotch at several points. Maybe it was intentional, maybe it was innocent. I don’t know, but when I finally was let down, I had a rock hard boner. It turned me on that I was felt up by random people that I never even saw or knew what they looked like. Hell, a couple of them could have women (shutter…ehhh…). I learned 2 very valuable lessons after this. First- Take your wallet out of your back pocket at any concert regardless of crowd surfing because it could easily be stolen. And seecond- I got turned on by having random hands touch me. At first I thought this enjoyment rooted back to just some anime thing that I saw on a twisted tentacle series back when I was younger. But after some research I saw that this is a fetish that exists among many people. The idea of having multiple people play around with a participant while doing every sexual thing possible with their hands, is something that a lot of people get into.

Ghost 4

There are different ranges of the sexual contact that take place. And there are different variants as to the willingness of the participant’s involvement. Or for the those that are into the rape scenario, their non-willing involvement. Many times there seems to be some level of roleplay where the person being fondled and played with has a bit of resistance. However ultimately that person becomes consensual to his captors. Other times, the participant is completely willing and just allows the aggressors to do what they want and enjoys everything from the beginning to end.

Groping Hands

There is site called that has this exact scenario down. The only problem with this site is that the guys that are being sexually played with, they’re completely emotionless. It’s sad, because there’s so much potential with this site. The guys being fucked with just look off as if they’re staring blankly into nothingness (or many times, the camera itself) and are just waiting for the “hands” to stop playing with them. Where is the moaning? The feelings of pleasure? Where is the resistance? Where is the guy begging to get jizz? Occasionally we will see a bit of perplexity on their face, but it’s very brief.

Groping HandsGroping 1Groping 3Groping 4

To make the videos so much better, they should have the guys feel something. They should also have more “mysterious hands.” Have 2 guys holding down the violated and then have 2 more guys play with the guy being held down. The guys being played with should also have more done to them. It seems very limited in touching, putting in a butt plug and then jerk them off. Face fuck them with their fingers, or take the plugs out and use that to fuck their faces. Also, the assaulters should dress in all black with a black backdrop with just their arms expose. Or hell, have a green screen backdrop and the bodies of the men that are violating the victim also wear green screen catsuit material with just the flesh on their their arms and hands being exposed. This would give the full illusion that just floating arms are around messing with the guy. Plus with the green screening, there could be any background put in place. This is such a missed opportunity site that has much more buying power if they just put in a little more effort.

Men in Black

I know I think too much over porn and I should make my own one day involving a superhero being defeated by a multiple supervillains, each with their own power to humiliate the good in any number of ways. However, many people do not care about any scenario and just want to see the guys get off. But there are others that like different things, and mysterious groping hands is something that is out of the ordinary. What do you think? Is this is a turn on for you? Have you seen porn with this idea in mind?


Dick Moves FINAL.Movie_Snapshot

Just in, Raging Stallions new movie – Dick Moves. Directed by Steve Cruz and starring the super badass Bravo Delta.


If you’re unaware of this, Bravo has done lots of Xtube vids and scenes for Cocky Boys. I love this guy! Check out his scene with Raging Stallions as an exclusive. Looks like he’ll be doing a lot more in the coming months.

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This movie also stars: Brian Bonds

Brian Bonds

Sebastian Kross

Sebastian Kross

Boom Banks

Boomer Banks

Chris Harder

Chris Harder

Mike De Marco

Mike De Marco