Guys Kissing – Just Because It Makes Me Happy (Photo Collage)

Kissing is very important to me. I’ve posted about this before, but you can tell how intense someone is really into you through their kiss. Also for me, the kiss is how I get ignited...

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Midnighter and Apollo #3 – DC Comic Book Review Spoilers

The third issue to Midnighter and Apollo’s mini series is out. To recap- Apollo is in hell and being held by Neron. Midnighter is fighting his way into hell to get his boyfriend back. It is as tough as it sounds...

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Great Geek Week – Spider-Man Trailer, Planet of the Apes Trailer, & Fan Made Wonder Woman vs. Wolverine Vid

I’m sure we have all seen the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, but it should be noted that Tom Holland is a cutie! Plus, holy hell he’s got a great body. He has officially received the Marvel Treatment and has a 8-pack abs. I love it...

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Intruders Part 1 Bromo UNCUT Scene Review (NSFW)

Ever have a fantasy of a guy breaking into your place and forcing you to be his willing slut? Well the Intruder series from Bromo does just that! This first scene has Brad Powers breaking into the home of Pierce Hartman who is making a cake at the...

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Wonder Woman Meets the Bionic Woman and Nightwing’s Ass – Comic Load 12/7/2016

It’s comic book day! Richard Rider is back as Nova along side Sam Alexander in Nova #1. We have Superman meeting Frankenstein (the monster is actually called Frankenstein in the DC Universe) in Superman #12...

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There’s a Puppy Robin Shirt!

Hero Designs have made several different pup shirts in the past and one of their latest designs involves my favorite superhero of all time, Robin...

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Batgirl Designer Series Toy Figure Review

Everyone loves the Batfamily. Batgirl has been part of the Bat line for a while. Barbara Gordon first took up the mantle in 1967 and has been the most famous out of all of the women by far...

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Ex Machina – A Gay XXX Parody Part 1 – UNCUT Review from (NSFW)


Next in a line of sci-fi porn parodies from the awesome site that brought you the Captain America Gay XXX Parody, and the Flash XXX Gay Parody, we have Ex Machina from

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WinterCon 2016 Pics – It Was Short but Fun


WinterCon was short but still great! Here’s a couple of the pics that were taken on the one day I was there.

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Ex Machina – A Gay XXX Parody is Being Made From – Preview (NSFW)


I love! I do not know if anyone else likes parodies as much as I do, but I am happy to see a new sci-fi series being done from Their newest parody is based on the Ex Machina movie...

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