Male Power Rangers Baby!

Have you seen the new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers males, shirtless?! Fuck they’re all hot! I cannot wait to see this movie! pictured above are the Blue, Black, and Red Rangers respectively from left to right.

Rangers even Females

Comic Load 2.10.2016 (3).Movie_Snapshot

It’s Comic Book Wednesday! We get some good Star Wars Dark Lord travels, along with a Valentine’s Day issue with Jem and the Holograms. Plus both sides of the Avengers have some adventure, with Wiccan (Demiurge) and Hulkling smooching it up. Also, everyone is loving Deadpool, so you have to like him and the Spider-Men teaming up. Well, teaming up briefly. Here’s my load for the week:
All New X-Men #4
All New All Different Avengers #5
Spider-Man/Deadpool #2
Old Man Logan #2
Batman and Robin Eternal #19
Darth Vader #16
Jem and the Holograms Valentine’s Day Special
New Avengers #6

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Full House

Full House will be returning as a Netflix show that takes place approximately the same amount of time that the show has been off the air. I am conflicted on this. I will explain why in a second. The show promoted a very wholesome (obviously unrealistic) view on a very slightly different take on a San Franciscan family. The original concept had the biological widowed father Danny Tanner (Bob Sagat) and his best friend Joey Gladstone (David Coulier) and brother in-law Jessy Katsopolis (John Stamos) all help him raise his three daughters in his very spacious home. Surprisingly, very limited gay jokes came up for this premise. The new show is a role reversal with Danny’s eldest daughter, D.J. (Candice Cameron Bure), who is now a widow herself with three kids. She moves out on her own and is joined by her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and best friend/neighbor Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Barber). The three of them are going to try and do their best at raising the three kids in a new home away from their original caregivers.

Candince Cameron Bure

The original show had so much cheesiness and good loving happiness. Watching an episode today is almost painful. It definitely caters to a crowd that did enjoy a family sitcom that did not rely solely on shock value and political statements, like so many shows of today. There was rarely a financial issue, or any major dilemma that could not be solved by the end of the episode. Again, it is unrealistic, but sometimes we really need this unrealistic fantasy to let us think that there could be some true happiness in the world. I would not criticize that aspect. The problem I am having with this show is that one of the stars, Candice Cameron Bure, is just as conservative as her big brother Kirk Cameron. And her conservative views have been reflected with her comments and statements in regards to same sex couples rights with conflicting interest in her strongly devoted religious life. It is disappointing to hear that someone who promote such high ideals with society is not as open minded to promote equality. But many people involved in certain religious ideals just do not open their views to other peoples lives and do not accept differences. Not all conservative religious people are like that, but many are.


Will I watch this new version of Full House 20 Years Later? Ehhh…I do have Netflix. I could possibly give an episode a go just to test the waters. It is not on my priority list of things to do, but it is something that I am slightly curious about. The Olsen Twins will not be on the series because they do not consider themselves actors anymore, but the preview below does explain their absence. Are you going to watch the show?

Max Gnin Artwork FINISHED Cropped

My buddy and super hottie artist, Jezza Smilez, (the guy in the art piece above and pics below) just recently made a survey regarding gay comic books. It is brief and does not take too much time. If you could take a couple minutes to answer the questions, I would appreciate it very much. The link is down below as is a couple of pics of Jezza and me with another gay comic book artist (Patrick Fillion) in a spit roast that we all seemed to enjoy.

Lucas Entertainment’s new exclusive Mexican model Derek Allan has an incredible smile, which is a nice compliment to an overall hot package. With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with pairing him up with Massimo Piano, who has a perfect amount for Derek to suck on. If you’re looking for top-only Massimo action, your search is over. Need an example: take a look at 17:20. Derek Allan looks like he was born to ride the raw uncut cock of Massimo Piano! 
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DKIII  Issue 2 YOUTUBE (3).Movie_Snapshot

Issue number 2 from the DKIII series came out. Batman is apparently dead and Gotham Police Commissioner Yindel is very skeptical about this. Another story front has the Atom, Ray Palmer, attempting to UNSHRINK the inhabitants of the City of Kandor. The problem is, all of these beings have Kryptonian powers. This could be a good thing or a very bad thing. How does Bruce Wayne play into in all of this? This is a great series and I am very excited to read issue number #3.

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Football DL Part Mancast 1.Movie_Snapshot

Do you know who Michael Sam is? He was the first openly gay NFL player that gained some infamy because he kissed his boyfriend on ESPN (rightfully so as any heterosexual man would have kissed his girlfriend/wife). has somewhat made a series on this, but not exactly. In this case, Robert Axel is playing a closeted NFL player who goes at it with his boyfriend. Hence the title ‘Football DL.’

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This scene stars: Robert Axel

Robert Axel

And Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton

Bulge 28

Everyone wants to show their dicks off immediately online. Which is fine if that’s your thing, but I honestly don’t care about seeing a guy’s dick so much. I like some mystery and the allusion that someone is hiding their potential. That’s why I love to see guy’s bulges. I do not always check a guy’s crotch out immediately but I will take that glance from time to time.

Superman Bulge

I have made several ‘Bulge’ posts in the past. Many of been pics that have been sent to me or by submissions from all you guys out there. Some of you have great pics to share of yourself or others that you have seen online here and there. And because so many have requested that I make another listing, I figure, let’s go for it again! Here are some pics that have been submitted to me and some pics I have found. I will be posting again next week some time, so if you have a pic you want to submit to me, please submit it at the end of this post or email me at:

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Midnighter 9.Movie_Snapshot
Midnighter continues to collect all of the tech from the God Garden. But now he has attracted the attention of Amanda Waller. That means that the Suicide Squad is close behind. Excellent issue!

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