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Venom is my Favorite Sexualized Villain Ever. Who is yours? (NSFW)

Venom Movie

I think Venom is definitely my favorite villain. Sexually he can do so many perverted things with his symbiote costume...

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Robin Tied Up and Beaten – GayComicGeek Photoshoot

Robin and Joker

I had a great photoshoot this week! I decided to retire one of my oldest Robin costumes and I thought the best way to get retire it was to have it ripped up and smeared with fake blood in a small set designed to make Robin look like he was capture...

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Speaking of Hot Fucking Robins – Tyler Rush aka Amp- Have you seen his Halloween Costume?

Tyler Rush as Robin

What a coincidence that I was talking about sexy ass Robin and my fetish to see him tied up and sexually violated, but then behold- Tyler Rush posts up some pics of his new Robin costume for Halloween! Holy fucking hell, he takes the idea of Robin...

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Sexy Male Costumer Spotlight – Shawn Webber aka Dick Grayson

Red Arrow
Cosplayer Shawn Webber also known as Dynamite Webber Cosplay is an amazing costuming badass! I am pretty sure sure the current artist of the Grayson DC comic book title bases Dick’s looks on Shawn himself...

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New York Comic Con Sexy Male Costumes 2015!


Did anyone go to New York Comic Con 2015? I unfortunately could not make it out this year, but I’ve seen some pretty badass costumes being posted this past weekend...

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Sexy Male Halloween Costumes- What is you Costume? (It doesn’t have to be sexy) (NSFW)

Koolaid Man OH YEAH

What constitutes a sexy costume? Whatever the wearer thinks is sexy, well then that makes that costume in my book...

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Sexy Male Costumer – Tuesday- The Dragon Con Edition!


Since I’m on a Dragon Con thing right now, let’s look at some of the sexy men at Dragon Con this past year. Although I think I threw a couple in from last years con as well.

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Costume Professional Pics from Dragon Con


I had a lot of pics taken of me and pics that I took of others while I was at Dragon Con this past week. Some were professional pics too. There were two guys that I had the pleasure of taking my pics professional. One was Geeked Photography, which...

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Hot Male Cosplayer Tuesday!


As I always say, if you ever do a search for ‘cosplayer’ or ‘costumer,’ the vast majority of the pics always turn out to be females. But males make up a huge portion of these costumers, but just aren’t shown for some weird reason...

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Sexy Male Superhero Tuesday!

Nightwing Jason

Every Tuesday I like to post up a few hot costume pics that I’ve collected throughout the week. Some are of friends, some are pics sent to me and some are just sexy mofos that I’ve seen here and there on line. Here’s a couple that I’ve found...

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