Recently I posted a drawing by the talented artist Devon Chenoweth of a Robin costume that was slightly more revealing in a leather harness. I made a point of saying that this costume will be made (it’s almost done). But after this was posted, another artist-, made another one that depicts me as the character. Obviously I have to repost this. He totally nailed my tats perfectly! I especially like his naked version below. I’m hoping he’ll do more dirtier XXX versions in the future.

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Kissing Cyclops and Bishop

For no reason whatsoever, here’s some sexy male cosplayers. I know many of them personally and there are many others I have never had the pleasure of meeting. Yet. All these guys deserve props. The costuming community mainly focuses on women since most photographers are heterosexual guys. Luckily though, this is not always the case. Sometimes we get photographers that see that many guys out there work hard on their costumes. Although granted, some of these pictures are just sexy guys who give the appearance of dressing up, I included them regardless. Enjoy!

Daredevil 1

I finished season 2 of the Netflix Daredevil series Last week. It was incredible. It had its faults, but overall it was great. Definitely set up several series to come from the Netflix Marvel universe. One think that I noticed though is that Daredevil’s costume in this season was almost identical to his costume from the previous season finale, with small subtle changes, but something I noticed. His costume is very practical. Since he is a blind character, the helmet does not impede his vision and he still uses it for protection. His armored suit is not overly armored, there’s not tons of gadgets and he has no cape to get in his way with his maneuverability. In fact, his suit is one of the most practical costumes in comic book TV/Movie history. The best known costume for a man that simply fights with his brains is Batman and we all know that Batman can barely move his head left to right, much less jumping around doing parkour and fighting guys from all angles using various martial arts abilities.

What’s even better is that Matt Murdock built up to the point of wearing armor. He even said that wearing a costume would be out of place and hold him back. The video above was all one take and one of the best superhero fights ever. No special effects, no hardcore bloody scene, just all out fighting.

Daredevil Cosplayter

So the TV show has definitely spotlighted Daredevil and has made most people forget or at least push Ben Affleck’s version of the character to the side, which I have to say that his adaptation is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. But it also has made Daredevil a sex symbol as well. Matt Murdock has had his shirt and costume ripped up and off and he has shown his abs and bare chest many times in the two seasons. Maybe that is why I have costumed as him in both his black costume and his red outfits. It definitely had some baring on my decision to make his costume. So anyways, here’s some sexy assed guys cosplaying the blind attorney. Hopefully, many more will be coming out way!

Photoshopped Daredevil Baby!

Photoshopped Daredevil Baby!

I was going to save this pic, along with the other pics in this Photoshoot just for Patrons, but this is just too cool! Thank you Nik for photoshopping this. It looks incredible and motivates me to want to look better in future pics.


Awesome Spidey Morales

There really is no reason to post these except that I love seeing male costumers. They never get as much loving in the cosplay posts as their female counterparts. But they are just as good and also want to be seen in the convention circuits as well. Although some of these pics are obviously not for Comic Conventions, but they still look like they need to be spread about and shown to everyone. Enjoy!

Beaten Superman Pissed

Oh yeah, if you want to submit a picture of yourself or of a cosplayer that you think is sexy (male only please), submit them at the end of this post. I will always accept any costuming pic that you want to show off.

Robin Shiny

I get asked this almost every other day, but my favorite superhero is Robin. Tim Drake to be more specific since there have been many Robins through the years. But Tim Drake is my boy and I grew up thinking that he was the ONLY Robin since he had the title when I started into comic books. In my humble opinion, he was the best Robin also. Physically he was not the strongest as he constantly was beaten by superior that were stronger than him or a better more ruthless fighter like Jason Todd. He also was the not the best acrobat as Dick Grayson holds that title hands down. But Drake was the smartest out of all the Robins by a long shot. He compensated his physical side with his intellectual side and was more like Bruce Wayne than any other Robin. Drake is also much smarter than Wayne was when Bruce was at Tim’s age. So growing a gay geek, I really looked up to Tim Drake a lot.

So every couple months I like to pay tribute to the title of Robin. But what is funny is that even though I love him more than any other character, I also like to see him tied up and sexualized a bit. Ok, well I like to see adult male costumers dress up as him and be very sexual in their costumes. A lot. I have much more respect for all the times that Robin has been used as the hostage and that he’s been beaten by the villains.

Robin-219 SMALLER

I get a lot of people asking me to be tied up and take pics of myself in my own various Robin costumes. I have taken a couple pics here and there for my Patrons over at site. I just need some more photographers and some willing villains to take some pics with me. Most of my friends are straight and it’s tough to take pics with hetero costumers. Everyone has limits and I respect them. But gay cosplayers are much more willing to do certain sexual stuff in pics than hetero guys. Any volunteers? Regardless, here’s a bunch of Robin pics. Some costumers and some drawn stuff. All awesome.

Robin with Joker and Riddler

Finally got all of the pics from the small photoshoot that I did with my buddies Andrew (Joker) and Dan (Riddle). I have to give a huge shout out to the photographer- Emily Morgan Photography for doing this shoot for us. She did this completley from the kindness of her heart. Usually Emily does weddings and other special events, but she made an exception for us, or particularly for the very talented Danny Lantern himself.

Riddler kissing Robin Kissing Forced

Most of the pics are just as a tiny reward to my Patreon People out there. But I can show a couple. I know Andrew and Dan definitely want some of these pics for themselves and our other friends.


When you get a chance, if you’d like Emily Morgan Photography page on Facebook, I’d appreciate it. Maybe we can talk her into another shoot that’s even more homoerotic. I’m trying to get another session done next month with my buddy Tony Ray. He actually knows how to use ropes and how to properly tie up a hostage/superhero. So that would be pretty damn awesome.

Robin and Joker

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Venom Movie

I think Venom is definitely my favorite villain. Sexually he can do so many perverted things with his symbiote costume. Maybe it’s the tentacle thing where his suit can become huge phallic pieces or maybe because when Venom was Eddie Brock, he was so huge and muscularly. Honestly, I have no idea. But I do love the thought of the symbiote covering its host’s every crevice. And that the symbiote is alive. How awesome would that be? It could be doing all kinds of things to him right in front of others without them ever knowing it. Which many artists have depicted that exact same thought, many times.

Venom 6Venom 7

That may be why I like to see when Venom goes up against Robin. We all know that Robin does not stand a chance and is always going to be the one that loses and is sexually violated.

Venom 4Venom Robin

Maybe I’m just being way too horny about that and overthinking Vemon’s abilities. But I don’t care. He’s fucking hot! So who is your favorite sexual villain? Who would you want to molest battle and/or have them molest fight you?

Venom 9Venom 10Venom 11Venom 12Venom 14VenomVenom Z

Robin and Joker

I had a great photoshoot this week! I decided to retire one of my oldest Robin costumes and I thought the best way to get retire it was to have it ripped up and smeared with fake blood in a small set designed to make Robin look like he was captured and beaten. And tied up. I was with my buddies Dan and Andrew. Dan dressed up as the Riddler, and Andrew did his famous Joker cosplay.


Both these guys are straight and incredibly good with their sexuality. We had to keep the pics more PG-13 since both their girlfriends were present and wanted to see the end results. Although, Andrew’s girlfriend seemed to want the pics get a bit gayer than we did them. The finished results were great. The photographer, Emily Morgan Photography was great. She mostly does weddings and other events and had never done a shoot at night like this, but she was great and learned a lot about scene location photos. Hopefully she will be able to do more shoots later down the line.


Later this week I’ll get the unedited pics, which was a little over a 100 pics and post to my on my Patreon site for my Patrons. Anyways, my Patrons will get the vast majority of the pics. Afterall, this was a request from one of my Patrons, so they deserve it. But I will post a couple pics here and there to everyone else. All the pics I’ve loaded in this entry were taken on my phone. Some of the pics are great, some are us breaking up laughing, others were- WTF did we do? We definitely have to learn how to tie a guy up. I’ll contact Amp aka Tyler Rush for my next shoot. That was probably the biggest thing we did completely wrong. Maybe next time I’ll have another gay guy there too so that I can get more sexual pics with him doing a lot more risky stuff. Maybe I can tie him up…hmmm….that would be fun. Any volunteers?

Group AftermathBeerGroupRobin

Tyler Rush as Robin

What a coincidence that I was talking about sexy ass Robin and my fetish to see him tied up and sexually violated, but then behold- Tyler Rush posts up some pics of his new Robin costume for Halloween! Holy fucking hell, he takes the idea of Robin to the highest sexiest way possible. I would love to see a series based on this character. I can just imagine him getting into all kinds of scrapes that Batman or Nightwing would have to save him from.

Robin in Prep - Tyler RushTyler Rush before Protecting Gotham

If you are unaware, Tyler has starred in some incredibly badass scenes with and with BoundJocks, just to name a few. I love that he’s a Puppy and he’s very knowledgeable about numerous fetishes out there. He also has a great YouTube channel called, WattsTheSafeword Check it out when you get a chance!

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Robin in Gotham - Tyler Rush aka Amp