Daredevil – Cosplay: Damn He’s Sexy As Hell!

Daredevil 1

I finished season 2 of the Netflix Daredevil series Last week. It was incredible. It had its faults, but overall it was great. Definitely set up several series to come from the Netflix Marvel universe. One think that I noticed though is that Daredevil’s costume in this season was almost identical to his costume from the previous season finale, with small subtle changes, but something I noticed. His costume is very practical. Since he is a blind character, the helmet does not impede his vision and he still uses it for protection. His armored suit is not overly armored, there’s not tons of gadgets and he has no cape to get in his way with his maneuverability. In fact, his suit is one of the most practical costumes in comic book TV/Movie history. The best known costume for a man that simply fights with his brains is Batman and we all know that Batman can barely move his head left to right, much less jumping around doing parkour and fighting guys from all angles using various martial arts abilities.

What’s even better is that Matt Murdock built up to the point of wearing armor. He even said that wearing a costume would be out of place and hold him back. The video above was all one take and one of the best superhero fights ever. No special effects, no hardcore bloody scene, just all out fighting.

Daredevil Cosplayter

So the TV show has definitely spotlighted Daredevil and has made most people forget or at least push Ben Affleck’s version of the character to the side, which I have to say that his adaptation is not as bad as everyone makes it out to be. But it also has made Daredevil a sex symbol as well. Matt Murdock has had his shirt and costume ripped up and off and he has shown his abs and bare chest many times in the two seasons. Maybe that is why I have costumed as him in both his black costume and his red outfits. It definitely had some baring on my decision to make his costume. So anyways, here’s some sexy assed guys cosplaying the blind attorney. Hopefully, many more will be coming out way!

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