SuperHero Puppies – This Needs to be a Thing! I call Robin!

Cap Pup 3

By accident I came across a puppy mask that was made to look like Captain America and immediately my Spidey sense went off and I thought, there needs to be a pack of superhero pups! The maker of this mask was He did an excellent job and totally got my cosplay side up and going. I have been curious about doing my own puppy thing, and this is the exact motivation I needed. I want to make a Robin pup cosplay. That could be cool. Or maybe Daredevil? I already have the tail plug and a red harness. Hmmm…


There’s so many possibilities in this. We already have alternate reality superhero dogs and animals. We have Krypto the Super Dog (pictured above). We have the Hyenas from the Joker, there’s Ace the Bathound. There are others, but these are just animals that already exist. Why not make versions of any hero?


HeroPup also made a Hulk hood as well. Looks like this is something that he’s skilled at. I may just try my own creative skills at making a Robin version of this and get some added gear to go along with it. I obviously don’t know a lot of about the puppy world, but that can be remedied very easily. I can ask lots of people out there, including the famous Tyler Rush (Amp) and Cass Bolton (Bolt). They even did a video on it on their channel. Or I can research it. To the Google Machine!

Tyler Rush

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