Pulsar meets the GayComicGeek- Another Animated Gif from Gene Lightfoot!


I love Gene Lightfoot’s work! He just created this piece (above) of my GayComicGeek character in a sling, having his ass eaten out by a character called, Pulsar. This character was created by user- Timemonkey.


Gene Lightfoot is a master animator! He was one of the winners of my recent contest for his animation of my GayComicGeek character being pounded by the Hulk.


These aren’t even the first of his work that he’s done. He created two animations with me being splacked by Naked Justice from Class Comics.


And one of his own character, Easter, pounding my ass too!

I love this guy! Check out his work at: GeneLightfoot.blogspot.com

Here are a couple more animations that he created with Timemonkey’s Pulsar character: