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Action Comics #1000 – Superman’s 80th Anniversary Special Comic Book Review (SPOILERS)

It’s the 1000th issue of Action Comics and Superman’s 80th Anniversary special. He is considered the first comic book superhero and has a plethora of stories made by many different writers through the decades. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – Superman is iconic and the most well known comic superhero of all time. Check out my thoughts on this 1000th issue as DC Comics collects several different short stories that all spotlights the Man of Steel.

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First Look at Dick Grayson’s Robin Costume in the Upcoming Titan’s Live Action Show – YES!!!

Look, ROBIN! Stop what you’re doing and look at this. YES! Dick Grayson’s first look as the original Boy Wonder, Robin in the upcoming Titans Live Action TV show has been revealed. I like it!!! I know they will eventually evolve his look to be Nightwing, so I am loving that they are starting with his Robin look first. What do you think of it?

Brenton Thwaites will be playing Batman’s original sidekick-turned-full-flesh superhero-leader...

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Damn Zod Has a Nice Ass on Action Comics #980 – Comic Load 5/24/2017

It’s comic book day! What’s your load look like?

Action Comics #980 – Zod has an AMAZING Ass!
X-Men Blue #4 – New Wolverine…or his son at least is being brought into the fold.
Justice League of America #7 – TerrorSmith is brought back into the DC Universe as a major threat.
Wonder Woman #23 – The Truth Finale! Finally we get some concrete answers as to what is happening with Wonder Woman’s origin.
Deathstroke #19 – The Titans and Teen Titans have a crossover with Deathstroke being the antagonis...

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The Lion King – Live Action (Probably Mostly CGI) Movie is being Made with James Earl Jones Returning to Voice Mufasa!

James Earl Jones is returning to voice Mufasa on the Lion King live action movie! I am so excited about this! The Lion King is by far my favorite of Disney animated movie that has ever been made. I know it’s a rip off from Kimba the White Lion, but I still enjoyed this one tremendously. I had no idea that a live action version was being done until today.

The Jungle Book made me believe that a bear could talk and that tigers can be evil, so this is great news...

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Gambit – Marvel Select Classic Action Toy Figure Review


Who doesn’t love a good Cajun Mutant? Gambit also known as Remy Lebeau is one of the more famous X-Men of the 90s. He maintained as a steady member of the X-Teams for a good part of the 2000s and was both a hero and villain to the team. This figure is a badass scult that I’m proud to have as part of my collection.

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Justice League Action Trailer – New Animated Series in October on Cartoon Network


It has been some time since we have had an ongoing Justice League cartoon and a new one is in the works to premiere on Cartoon Network in October 2016. Have you seen the trailer? The series will be called Justice League Action and the series will be much more comical. Still it will have some adult-ish themes, but definitely more geared towards younger audiences. The animation is more on a whimsical take that many Cartoon Network shows mimic. I am not a big fan of that at all...

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