Gambit – Marvel Select Classic Action Toy Figure Review


Who doesn’t love a good Cajun Mutant? Gambit also known as Remy Lebeau is one of the more famous X-Men of the 90s. He maintained as a steady member of the X-Teams for a good part of the 2000s and was both a hero and villain to the team. This figure is a badass scult that I’m proud to have as part of my collection.

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1 thought on “Gambit – Marvel Select Classic Action Toy Figure Review

  1. Your attempted Cajun accent was adorable. This is a great looking figure. I may have to get one for myself. You should have him posed on top of Sabretooth all the time. I wish he was the third Summers brother instead of Vulcan (or worse, Adam-X the X-Treme).

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