Demolition Man is Gay & Starfox is Bisexual – Comic Load 11/16/2016


The week we have Superboy and Robin trying to be more of a team in Superman #11. Nightwing teaming up with Superman in Nightwing #9. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz taking on the Phantom Lantern in Green Lanterns #11. Batman is betrayed by Catwoman in Batman #11. Miles Morales’ friends are all looking for him in Spider-Man #9. We find out how Kaine survived and is a player in the Clone Conspiracy in Amazing Spider-Man #21. In Thanos #1 we have Thanos’ son Thane recruit the Champion and his uncle, the bisexual Starfox to take down the power crazy Titan. And finally in Sam Wilson Captain America #15 we have Demolition Man appear as a wrestler in UCW with his male partner. That was just awesome!

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1 thought on “Demolition Man is Gay & Starfox is Bisexual – Comic Load 11/16/2016

  1. I always figured Starfox was omnisexual (and a whore) since his powers were pleasure based. I wonder what his role against Thanos will be. I thought Nightwing was a lot of fun and was glad to see Tim as well. I was a huge fan of Kaine’s Scarlet Spider book so I’m glad he’s back for Clone Conspiracy. I really enjoyed the Cap Sam Wilson comic since I’m a wrestling fan. I liked seeing his boyfriend. It was never mentioned before but I remember that he wasn’t too girl-crazy either. In the 80s there was a flirtation with Vagabond (Nomad’s girlfriend) but it seemed pretty clumsy.

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