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Ass Controller Part 9 – UNCUT Scene Review from Men.Com (NSFW)

What is the Ass Controller series? Generally, one guy has a butt plug controlled through an app by another guy off screen. The vibrations go from mild to – HOLY FUCK, I’M JIZZING IN MY PANTS! This scene has news anchor Casey Jacks being controlled by his Producer, Dante Colle. Holy crap, this series has gone on for 9 parts and I hope more are made later down the line. Special cameo appearance by Alaska Thunderfuck.

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Ass Controller Part 9 – UNCUT...

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Ass Controller Part 7 & 8 – UNCUT Gay XXX Review from (NSFW)

The next two parts to the Ass Controller series from is out! This time Professor Kit Cohen gives control to his butt plug to students Peter Pounder, Ethan Chase, Zack Hunter and Alex Neveo. In Part 8 – Ethan Chase returns back as a hair stylist as he attempts to cut Morgan Blake’s hair with the infamous app controlled butt plug in his own hole. It was unique to say the least. Check out my thoughts on these two scenes in the attached video.

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Ass Controller – Part 5 & 6 – UNCUT Scene Reviews from (NSFW)

Have you ever let someone else control a butt plug that has remote control from an app or remote? It is quite fun to do, especially when you’re not expecting the app to be activated. has a series dedicated to this exact premise called Ass Controller. I did a review on the first 4 parts to this series, but they have released 2 more parts to this and I had to continue on my review because, FUCK YEAH! Check out my thoughts on this continued series in the attached video.

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Ass Controller Series UNCUT Review – from (NSFW)

Did you know there are butt plugs that can be controlled through an app? There was an entire series dedicated to this over at This four part series has eight different men in completely different scenarios. Not all are awesome, but the sex is still fantastic in them. Here’s my thoughts on the scenes as a whole in the attached video.

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