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GayComicGeek Art by Chayne Avery – Artist of the Cute Guys Coloring Books

Chayne Avery, the artist for the comic book Boy Meets Hero and the Cute Guys Coloring book made a GayComicGeek image! I’m always a fan of those. I personally think a new addition to the Boy Meets Hero comic should be made, but that’s just my personal opinion. Avery has a very cute style of art that adds a bit of sexiness to his work. He has lots more images in his coloring books and past comic pieces.

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Cute Guys – Coloring Books by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia – Review

Looking for some cute guys? Well what about some Cute Guys coloring books? They exist! I have four volumes with each volume having 24 different images to color in with crayon/color pencils. These books are Illustrated by Chayne Avery while design and layout was by Russell Garcia.

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They are available only on Amazon.

Vol 4: Guys of Fantasy & Sci-Fi

Vol 3: Cute Guys With...

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Guys Kissing – The Next Edition (Some NSFW Pics)

I hate using cliches, or song lyrics in this case, but sometimes you really can tell if a guy likes you through his kiss. I’m huge into kissing personally. I had no idea that some guys hated it. In my mind, I can’t imagine someone NOT liking a good make out session. But everyone has their own tastes and preferences. And because we all need a good positive image, here’s a lot of guys that locking lips.

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Anyone else like Guys with Glasses? It’s a huge turn on for me.

Glasses guy

No real reason why, but I just love guys in glasses. It’s a huge turn on for me. They don’t have to be nerdy, they don’t have to be blind either, but the glasses thing always did something for me and even today I love seeing guys wear them. The irony in me wearing contact lenses all the time because of the heaviness is not lost on me. But still, how hot is it to jizz and to get it all over their glasses? If they allow it of course. Enjoy these hot guys with glasses!

Glasses guy 1Glasses guy 119Glasses guy 50Glasses guy 49Glasses guy 48Glasses guy 47Glasses guy 46Glasses guy 45Glasses guy 44Glasses guy 43Glasses guy 42Glasses guy 41Glasses guy 40Glasses guy 39Glasses guy 38Glasses guy 37Glasses guy 36Glasses guy 35Glasses guy 34OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Glasses guy 32Glasses guy 31Glasses guy 30Glasses guy 29Glasses guy 28Glasses guy 27Glasses guy 26Glasses guy 25Glasses guy 24Glasses guy 23Glasses guy 22Glasses guy 21Glasses guy 20Glasses guy 19Glasses guy 18Glasses guy 17Glasses guy 16Glasses guy 15Glasses guy 14Glasses guy 13Glasses guy 12Glasses guy 11Glasses guy 10Glasses guy 10Glasses guy 9Glasses guy 8Glasses guy 7Glasses guy 6Glasses guy 5Glasses guy 4Glasses guy 3Glasses guy 2Glasses guy 2

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It’s Monday- Here’s some Hot Nerdy Guys In Glasses!

Hot Glasses Guy 28

A lot of these pics are Facebook friends of mine. They’re not all nerdy, but I love guys in glasses! And the ‘nerd’ things is such a turn on for me. There’s a couple porn pics mixed in here too, but they’re fucking awesome.

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Sexy Costumed Guys! The Next Edition

Granted, I may have posted a couple of these guys in the past, I’m not sure. But every time I see a costumed guy that I think is hot, I save the pic. Here’s a new edition of pics that I think are incredible.

The last Gifs are pretty much what I’m doing as I see so many of these hot guys in costume. I love being a geek!

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Sexy Costuming guys!

After next week, which is Dragon Con, I’ll have a whole bunch of new costume pics to show everyone. Until then, here are some that have been sent to me that I consider super sexy!

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Who is this guy?

I will give someone a big sloppy kiss if you can tell me who this guy is. He looks identical to one of my straight friends and I feel the need to post comparison pics of him to his porn double duplicate like I did with another of my straight friends and his porn duplicate. It’s all for fun and a laugh, so it’s nothing big. It looks like the image was originally taken from a site called Captured…something something. But I can’t tell what. Anyone have any idea?

Captured Guys

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