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Man Crush Monday – Dallas Steele – Oh Yeah Baby! (NSFW)

Have you met adult performer and former TV News Anchor/Reporter, Dallas Steele? I have him followed back in his TitanMen days but slightly stalked him online here and there through his social media as well. His boyfriend is the superman cutie BoySteele aka Taylor, which you just gotta love that nickname. I follow both and just absolutely love seeing them together and sometimes apart with other guys. Dallas himself seems like such a sweetie and is such a fucking hot ass hunk of sexiness...

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Man Crush Monday – Pierce Paris aka Pierce Hartman (NSFW)

Adult film/scene model Pierce Paris who used to go under the performer name name Pierce Hartman is my Man Crush Monday. I have followed him for a little bit in many different series. Besides being super fucking sexy and a great performer in his scenes, he seems like a genuinely a nice guy too.

He recently filmed a couple scenes as a superhero/villain at ManUpBitches that just totally made me blow my own load...

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ManCrush Monday – Diego Luna – AKA Cassian from Rogue One

Woof! Diego Luna Alexander, who is on my mind today after rewatching Rogue One for the 22nd time. Diego played Cassian Andor in Rogue One. He is not gay/bisexual in real life as the internet has rumored in the past, but he is quite gay friendly. He has been in a couple movies as a gay/bisexual man. One was when he was playing the real life man, Jack Lira in the movie Milk. He was also the character Tenoch Iturbide in Y Tu Mamá También, which he still has a long lasting bromantic relationship ...

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ManCrush Monday – WWE Star – Finn Bálor – FUCK YEAH!

Oh hell’s yes, did you see Finn Bálor’s entrance on Wrestlemania 34? Bálor promoted inclusion for the LGBT community and embraced his fandom as he walked in with several members of his Balor Club. Unfortunately I did not see it live, but I would have totally broke down crying if I did. I used to be into wrestling as a young pup and I slowly just stopped paying attention to it as an adult...

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ManCrush Monday – Idris Elba aka Heimdall (Thor)

Idris Elba is a fucking hot ass actor. I noticed him first in Pacific Rim but really got into him when he played Heimdall in the Thor movies. There was rumors circulating around that he was interested in or at least trying out for the future James Bond. Unfortunately he denied this and that he would not be Bond in an interview. Regardless though, this man is frack sexy as fuck! Here’s a couple pics and a few fake ones too, because I can dream.

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