ManCrush Monday – WWE Star – Finn Bálor – FUCK YEAH!

Oh hell’s yes, did you see Finn Bálor’s entrance on Wrestlemania 34? Bálor promoted inclusion for the LGBT community and embraced his fandom as he walked in with several members of his Balor Club. Unfortunately I did not see it live, but I would have totally broke down crying if I did. I used to be into wrestling as a young pup and I slowly just stopped paying attention to it as an adult. Bálor himself is not gay himself, but back in college, I had the dream that one day I would see a WWE/WCW gay storyline with a new character, that was NOT a joke that heterosexuals could laugh about. Of course many of my straight friends just thought it was ludicrous as no one would watch gay wrestling. They had no idea how much gay wrestling porn existed. That’s another topic altogether.

Regardless, I am a Finn Bálor fan and I wish I knew more about him before today. He is my ManCrush today and I feel like others should see him too. Below is his entrance and it does give me goosebumps seeing him.

Also if you are interested in his shirt, it is available for sale at the WWE website. The site even states: From April 2, 2018 through June 30, 2018, WWE will donate 20% of the sales price (before applicable sales tax) of each Balor Club “For Everyone” T-shirt sold on to GLAAD. The link is located at:

Bálor’s on Twitter:
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  1. I’ve been watching wrestling since I was a kid. Finn Balor is one of the reasons I continue to watch the current WWE events. I’m happy to see that he also has a giant heart to go along with that sexy body. I was lucky enough to see him wrestle a couple of months ago. It was a huge surprise for me since it was during a Smackdown taping and he is part of Raw. He is just as sexy and amazing in person. Plus it gave me a huge thrill to see outstretch their arms along with him during his opening music.

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