11 Sexy Male Black Cosplayers That Are Totally Rocking their Costumes!


The other day I was reading a post spotlighting black cosplayers. I was very interested to see the great costumes on display by both genders, but I was disappointed. Why was I disappointed? Well there were no black male costumers. Like so many past posts on the cosplay world, that site only made a point to show women. This is sad because the ratio of male/female costumers are generally even. Sometimes even more so on the male side. However most bloggers/writers/editors post solely women costumers as compared to their male counterparts.

Super Friends

Black men need loving too, so why the frack did I not think of showing a couple costumers of my own? With the help of a couple of you out there providing some of the pics and references of course, here’s a few awesome cosplayers of the world that definitely need to be recognized:

1. Michael – Finn, Robin and Superman

2. Tony R- Static, Poison Ivy and Patriot

3. Kristopher – Ash and Spider-Man

4. Alexander N- Mr. Sinister, Bishop, and Icon

5. Brandon C – Mr. Freeze, Neptune, Phoenix

6. Chris Nick Fury, Michonne, Sith Lord

7. JaBarr- Vibe, Gambit and Green Lantern

8. Larry M – Black Adam, Dr. Strange and Firestorm

9. Michael F – BatWing, Green Lantern, Superman

10. Neon – Captain America Spider-Man and Miles Morales Spider-Man

11. Jourdan – Captain America, Black Panther, and Kid Flash

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