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Adam West – Batman has Passed Away at the Age of 88

Hollywood is reporting on the death of Adam West. Famous for the 1960’s Batman TV series, Adam has also done several Batman voice roles in several animated series and movies. He even played the voice of Mayor West of the city of Quahog in Family Guy. This is quite sad.

2 thoughts on “Adam West – Batman has Passed Away at the Age of 88

  1. I am actually really sad about his passing. I wasn’t a huge fan of his for a long time. I hated the 60s Batman series, but West did do some phenomenal voice work and he had a terrific sense of humor, especially about himself.

    Good journey, Adam West.

  2. That is really sad news. He defined Batman (good or bad) for decades. I loved that he was willing to make fun of himself. His voice roles in the Simpsons (“pure….West”) and Family Guy were awesome. He will be missed.

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