Inhumans – First Teaser Trailer Is Out – Ehhhhhh…Maybe it’s Good?

It’s not horrible but it really didn’t catch my attention much. I still hate Medusa’s hair. I hope it gets all tentacle-y like it’s suppose to be. I’ll give it a shot, but still not completely sold on it. Apparently this was posted by ‘Scott B.’ It may be taken down soon as it could be a trailer not meant to be posted yet.
What do you think?

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1 thought on “Inhumans – First Teaser Trailer Is Out – Ehhhhhh…Maybe it’s Good?

  1. I was underwhelmed by the teaser. It didn’t look epic. The outfits are too ordinary. Medusa’s hair should be moving and swirling around constantly. I guess the CGI would be too expensive. This should be a Kirby comic come to life and this was not it. I did think the teleport scene with Lockjaw was cool. I’ll give this a shot but if it’s like Agents of SHIELD then I’m out.

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