Dream Daddy – A Dad Dating Simulator – This DILF Game is a Real Thing!

Are you a daddy or want to be a daddy? How about looking for other daddies? Did you know that there’s a game coming soon that is based on daddies meeting other daddies? Damn, gayming has gotten so much more awesome lately. Over at Steampowered.com/DreamDaddyADadDatingSimulator, they have: Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator. It has been labeled as the “most anticipated Dad-based game.”

The premise starts with you moving with your daughter to Maple Bay. And guess what? Your looking for love or just random dating with other guys. And the best part? The whole town is nothing but datable daddies like you. Your character is customizable with body type, hair, accessories, etc. You can take many different paths in your own ‘adventure’ of meeting other dads and I imagine there are a lot of possibilities for romantic adventures.

The online version of Dream Daddy is available on Steam on July 13, 2017 at $14.99. This game is produced by the Let’s Play series Game Grumps. To read the site’s description, head over to: Steampowered.com/DreamDaddyADadDatingSimulator

Check out the DreamDaddy Twitter page at: Twitter.com/DreamDaddyGame

Heres the trailer for the game:

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