Alien Abduction – Scene Review from Bound Gods –

Over at, or more specifically, their Bound Gods Series, they have done several Alien Abduction scenes with guys being violated by ‘Aliens.’

It’s a pretty hot series. This scene review includes Lance Hart’s recent shoot. Check more out on Lance over at

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This Scene Stars: Lance Hart


And Jesse Coltier


3 thoughts on “Alien Abduction – Scene Review from Bound Gods –

  1. There are a few alien abduction scenes on the Bound Gods.Com website. One involves Spencer Reed and 3 other aliens abusing a human male. It is called – They Cum from Outer Space – Part One. Part 1 stars – Spencer Reed, Josh West, Jackson Lawless, Reed Mathews, Scott Upton.

    Jackson Lawless is hiking along and a bright light stops him in his track. Jackson hears a man screaming while humanoid shapes move about in the bright light. He yells for them to stop and the bright light engulfs him. Bound and helpless, Jackson witnesses the aliens extract semen from the screaming stud. They drain him dry and move towards Jackson. He endures the horrific anal probe and fisting. They take turns fucking him and give him a double penetration that’s out of this world.

    I don’t know what happened to Part 2.

    1. Damn, I really need to watch the other Alien abductions. I love Josh West too. Thanks for letting me know!

  2. The Invasion of the Underwear Snatchers!

    I remember sending you the link to that site way back when! It’s called Bad Dragon. I recognized their merchandise the moment I saw it on screen. Also, LOL! I think, Paulie, that if you posted photos of yourself sleeping sexily in your bed, your Patreons would agree that you do it better than Lance Hart.

    I think Logan McCree wore a similar black rubber/vinyl suit when he starred in The Invasion.

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