Gay of Thrones Season 2 on! FUCK YEAH!

Gay of Thrones

Oh fuck yeah! is doing season 2 of their GAY of Thrones series. Johnny Rapid tweeted a pic of him in costume. I’m assuming he’s King Renly or Tommen but it doesn’t even really matter. You can bet that I’ll be giving videos reviews on these on the actual day that they’re released from

Thanks Traven for letting me know about this!

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7 thoughts on “Gay of Thrones Season 2 on! FUCK YEAH!

  1. Well Renly was already portrait by Paul Walker. He is actually playing Joffrey, also Paddy O’Brian will be in it, his scene partner is Connor Maguire. Plus Jessy Ares and JP dupois. I hope they bring Duncan Black as John snow. He looks a lot like him. Can’t wait to see your reviews Here are some links with promo of them

    1. Oh ok cool, I thought he was going to be playing Tommen at first. And I think Renly was actually played by Dato Foland. I thought maybe he was being replaced.

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