Amazing Spider-Man #800, Doomsday Clock #5, Man of Steel #1 – Comic Load 5/30/2018

It’s an AMAZING comic book day! See what I did there? Amazing Spider-Man #800 is out and one of Spidey’s buddies do not make it through this issue when the Red Goblin charges through his rampage. Rogol Zaar is a new Kryptonian killer in the first issue of The Man of Steel series. Jean Grey ponders her existence in X-Men Red Annual #1. Havok comes to his senses after turning slightly evil in X-Men Blue #28. Captain Marvel gets help from other Captain Marvels in Infinity Countdown Captain Marvel #1. Batman meets Ozymandias and Johnny Thunder finds Alan Scott’s Green Lantern in Doomsday Clock #5. Here’s my thoughts on this week’s comic load in the attached video. What’s your load look like?

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