Anne Rice is Developing a Vampire Chronicles TV Series – Who Would You Cast as Lestat?

I had no idea that a series was really being made. That is great news! I’m not a huge vampire fan myself, I’m more of a werewolf guy, but I do love a couple of the books. I had heard rumors but recently I saw one of Anne Rice’s Facebook posts:

Anne here: Guys, we talk a lot about who can play Lestat. And we all know that if we don’t get that right, nothing else may matter. This is one series in which the star plays a super hero role. I am thinking an unknown will come to us for the part. But who are the up and coming young actors you all see and want to suggest? Include pix if you can. And any data. I love reading your responses. And yes, we’ve done this before with less focus perhaps on ‘up and coming.’ But let’s do it again.”

So who do you think should play Lestat? The post has a lot of names attached to it. I’m curious who you guys think should play him.

To check out Anne’s Facebook page post, go to: