Anyone else have a really old pair of underwear that they refuse to throw out?

I’ve literally had these underwear since I was in high school and they’re the most comfortable tighties that I own. Plus their red, which is my favorite color. I usually only wear boxers, but these are so loose, that they feel like boxers. This pair has holes in them, the elastic is showing and I it’s ripped a bit.

I’m also posting these because I haven’t taken any underwear pics in a bit and someone on Tumblr was asking- ‘what’s up with that?’





29 thoughts on “Anyone else have a really old pair of underwear that they refuse to throw out?

  1. I used to have a lucky pair of briefs I wore to gymnastics competitions. I could only wear them during warm up. They had holes in them and rode up. I had them for years. The other guys noticed after a while. They teased sometimes. During competition I just wore a singlet. I ran out of time a few times and the whole gymnasium got to see me change out of my lucky briefs. It was a turn on for some guys. Late in my career I started getting guys offer to buy my briefs. I have to admit I like the idea and let one hot guy sniff them. I have them packed away with the rest of my gymnastics stuff.

  2. Because these are great pictures you’ve shared with us I’ll share with you a fun ish’ story. My boss at work was debating what his super power would be. He decided on Super Careful. Later in the day two co-workers were arguing whether a cure to cancer would be found. He said it doesn’t matter because his cells replicate super carefully.

      1. Thanks, Staffellcock! “Holy fuck” and “hot” are great compliments. After thinking the same about the crotch shots you post of yourself now and then, I’m glad to return the favor. How’s the new tatt cumin’ along?

        1. Tat has almost healed. I didn’t realize that was you! You should post much more crotch pics. They’re pretty awesome

          1. Thanks again, Staffellcock. Actually, you’ve another crotch shot of mine on your site. May 6, 2014, “Underwear Pics Submitted by You”. That’s me in the leopard cock sling complete with pubes. Glad to hear the tat’s healing. How about some photos soon?

  3. Hey, so I’m 22 and i just found out about the site but the XXX rated sessions have passwords?
    1 How can I get them?
    2 If u have the banners isn’t a paradox?

  4. I got excited for a minute, because I saw your thumb in that worm’s-eye pic, and I thought it was something else. lol

  5. You look so hot in them. There’s nothing wrong with keep an old pair of underwear even with holes. You should to the porn reviews wearing them or the jockstrap. If you ever want to get rid of them I would gladly take them. Mmmm GCG musk will be hot

  6. Sorry, no. I don’t have any underwear that I wore in high school. I’m pretty sure they’re in a dumpster somewhere. I’m a little shocked that you can still fit into yours. i know I wouldn’t be able to, but I suppose your being so sexy and cool allows for a few privileges. 😉

    You should know by now, Paulie, that you are handsome, smart, funny, sexy, and talented. It feels silly of me to state the obvious, but I suppose once more won’t hurt.

  7. I’m sorry… I’m distracted by a handsome geeky nerd in bright red underwear with holes in them… hehe, i usually replace mine after a few months.

      1. Too restricting you say? Giggity! 😀

        As for me, nothing from high school, I made a switch from tighty-whities to boxers, and was still growing freshman year of college. Post college I’m boxer-brief’s all the way, for me that’s the perfect blend of support and freedom. Looking back I don’t know how I ever did things like exercise or jog around the neighborhood in boxers. It’s not that I’m big or anything just, things would slap around and be hurting by the end. >_<

  8. I am guilty for that. I have a few from college still and that was 2005 I believe I got that set. But they are stil comfy and hot, so why toss them? 🙂

    1. Well, if I get to that point where I can no longer wear these, I’ll send these your way. Maybe they’ll fit you. I know there’s a big market out there for used underwear. I’ll even make sure to wear them all day, just for you!

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