Barbie Commericial – With a Boy…FINALLY!

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OH MY GOD! A boy was shown in a Barbie commercial. FINALLY! Males have made up a significant number of the consumer market for Mattel Barbie dolls since day one of the franchise being created. In decades past media always focused Barbie dolls on being a girl’s toy. This is despite the fact that the original GI Joe toys were also dolls but the masculine nature of military dolls was deemed appropriate for marketing towards boys. Different times and different eras have passed and finally in the 21st century, someone at a Mattel’s marketing office decided to open their horizons slightly and make a commercial for a Barbie doll with a boy in the commercial. That is wonderful! The Barbie is called: Moschino Barbie.


I will not go into the dynamics of boys toys and girl’s toys, and how everything should be gender neutral, but I will say that growing up myself, I never had any issues with either any types of toys being around me. I had at least one My Little Pony and I know I had a Purple Pie Man from Strawbery Shortcake somewhere. I played with anything. (PHRASING, BOOM!) Now as a grown man, I appreciate all types of toys. I have three Barbie dolls myself. I have both Barbie and Ken from Toy Story 3 and I have Earring Magic Ken.


Unfortunately, if you are wanting a Moschino Barbie for your collection, good luck! They are sold out and are going for $300-$500 on Ebay. Holy crap. That’s more than the Billy Dolls that I am trying to track down. If you do get one, please let me know and take pictures for me. I would love to show them to other Barbie collectors out there. Check out the commercial below. I think it’s incredible and the boy that they choose is great. And I’m slightly envious because he has a better hair style at his age than any kid I have ever seen, ever!

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  1. It’s about time! Boys have been playing with Barbie for years. I have Earring Magic Ken and Barbie as Wonder Woman.

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