Everyone loves the Batfamily. Batgirl has been part of the Bat line for a while. Barbara Gordon first took up the mantle in 1967 and has been the most famous out of all of the women by far. This figure is part of the Designer series and was a gift from my buddy Albert. Thank you dude!

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2 thoughts on “Batgirl Designer Series Toy Figure Review

  1. I’ve asked myself that same question concerning high heels for YEARS! It’s just… STUPID!

    I did like Barbara Gordon as Batgirl and as Oracle. As Oracle, it felt like she accomplished more for the superhero community and the world, as opposed to who she started out being. I heard some people complain that putting her in a wheelchair was somehow demoralizing, but I disagree. It never stopped her from being a superhero and doing good. It just changed HOW she did it.

    Anyway, enough soapboxing. Thanks for the video, and cool toy review!

  2. I grew up with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. I loved it when she became Oracle and Birds of Prey was one of my favorite comics. I wasn’t happy when they made her Batgirl again but Gail Simone changed my mind when she wrote the Batgirl comic. This figure looks really well done. It’s so funny that she has heels. The Greg Capullo-designed Wonder Woman has heels too. I’ll have to see if there room in my budget for this figure.

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