Wonder Woman Meets the Bionic Woman and Nightwing’s Ass – Comic Load 12/7/2016

It’s comic book day! Richard Rider is back as Nova along side Sam Alexander in Nova #1. We have Superman meeting Frankenstein (the monster is actually called Frankenstein in the DC Universe) in Superman #12. Odinson, the Asgardian formerly known as Thor, is captured by an Elder of the Universe called the Collector, in The Unworthy Thor #2. Spider-Man meets the true Jackal and we get a huge can of ‘What the FRACK!?!’ in The Clone Conspiracy #3. Nightwing makes his new home in Bludhaven, FINALLY, in Nightwing #10. We also get nice treats of Dick Grayson’s ass in that issue as well. And last but not least, a long awaited meet up takes place with Wonder Woman ’77 and the Bionic Woman in Wonder Woman Meets the Bionic Woman #1.
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1 thought on “Wonder Woman Meets the Bionic Woman and Nightwing’s Ass – Comic Load 12/7/2016

  1. I was really excited for Wonder Woman Meets The Bionic Woman. I was a huge fan of the Wonder Woman show (as you know) and I liked Bionic Woman too. My inner child was screaming with delight. It was a good first issue and I can’t wait for the next one to see who the villains are. I loved that Nightwing’s ass is on the cover. Plus he described being Nightwing as “sexy & exciting” which is so true. The reveal in Clone Conspiracy totally blew me away. I was not expecting that at all. I also read Harley Quinn, which was a trippy issue with the dream sequences. I also read Scarlet Witch, which looks like will be ending soon. It’s been a really good series so I’m sad if it does end.

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