Batman Beyond vs. Robin Beyond and the Avengers Unite…again – Comic Load 8/22/2018

In Action Comics #1002, Superman punches some rocks. At least Guardian showed up. Amazing Spider-Man #4 – Spider-Man and Peter Parker are separated into two beings. That’s not good. X-Men Gold #34 – Storm takes on a would-be-god trying to take over her home village. X-Men Red #7 – Jean unites her X-team and get ready to take down Cassandra Nova. Flash #52 – Flash and Commander Cold take on a Strength Force enhanced Trickster. Batman Beyond #23 – Batman fights not only the new Scarecrow but also his new sidekick – Robin Beyond. Finally in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – The new Avengers team take down the Celestials and save Earth. What’s your load look like?

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