Batman vs. Bane, Superman Reborn, Walking Dead, Nightwing Comic Book Load – 3/1/2017

It’s comic book day! This week we have:
Walking Dead #165 – Negan works with Rick and his crew to fight off a massive walker attack
Nightwing #16 – Dick Grayson spares off against Damian Wayne, slightly. The real story is with his girlfriend and her big announcement.
The Clone Conspiracy Omega – This sets up the new Scarlet Spider series with Ben Reilly as being the antagonist and/or protagonist.
Batman #18 – Batman vs. Bane. Awesome fight and this leads into a great story that is further amplified with Catwoman.
Star Wars #29 – Yoda’s backstory with a force sensitive group of kids in a civil war is further explored. Luke Skywalker also gets involved at the of this comic.
Superman #18 – Who is the mysterious Clark Kent? This starts to explore this mystery and it ties directly into the whole Rebirth storyline taking place in the DC Universe.
What’s your comic load?

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2 thoughts on “Batman vs. Bane, Superman Reborn, Walking Dead, Nightwing Comic Book Load – 3/1/2017

  1. Looking forward to the Midnight & Apollo review. Sad to see that Ben Riley is a villain now. For years, he was a treasured character to me, and I felt he was the best (only!) good thing to come out of the Clone Saga.

  2. I can’t stand that little shit Damian. His tantrum over a “chirp” reminds me of a certain, orange-skinned person. I can’t quite put my finger on it :D. I thought that the Clone Conspiracy Omega issue was good. It looks like the Parker Luck is going to hit Parker and PI big time. I also like that Kaine is going to be a part of the new Scarlet Spider comic. He tried to follow in Ben Reilly’s footsteps in his Scarlet Spider comic. It must be a kick to the balls to see that Ben was the Jackal and insane. Kaine is the only reason I’ll check out the new book. Green Lanterns was also good since we learn the secret origin of the First Lantern (plus why the Earth-3 Power Ring’s ring is named after him).

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