This is the last issue for the Midnighter and Apollo 6-issue mini series from DC Comics. This was a great series and I am saddened to see the end of the series. This was written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Fernando Blanco.

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2 thoughts on “Midnighter and Apollo #6 – DC Comic Book Review Final Issue – SPOILERS!

  1. Very happy that they avoided the ‘bad ending’. It would feel way too much like a gay stereotype for the two characters to die at the end.

    Good review, Paul, and forgive my lateness in watching this.

  2. I’m really sad to see this mini-series end. I’m so glad that Apollo finally rescued Midnighter and they got a happy ending. I was bracing myself for a cliffhanger or violent ending too. I really hope that they show up in the DCU again. If they can’t get another mini-series or a digital first series then I hope they show up in Nightwing or Justice League of America. I would love to see Midnighter take on Lobo and kick his ass. Apollo could train The Ray in using his powers more effectively. Plus Batman’s reaction to Midnighter would be priceless.

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