Batwoman Rebirth, Nightwing’s Ass, Spider-Clone Conspiracy Ends and More – Comic Load 2/15/2017

Batman #17 – Bane kidnaps all of Batman’s extended family that excludes his sidekicks.
Batwoman Rebirth – Batwoman gets her own ongoing series and it starts here with her own retelling of her origin
Sam Wilson Captain America #19 – Rage is on trial and even with testimony that would prove his innocence, he is still found guilty. This is not well for the city.
Nightwing #15 – Dick’s ass is awesome! And he dates a Defacer aka Shawn Tsang.
Spider-Man #13 – Miles and Spider-Gwen get even closer together in this issue in an alternate reality.
The Clone Conspiracy #5 – Everything is wrapped up in a nice little package at the end of this mini-series. No it’s not, that was sarcasm. So many loose ends on this series that will leave it wide open for Ben Reilly to return to the Spider-Verse.
Superman #17 – It almost felt like a filler issue, but there will be later repercussions with the surrounding farmlands of the Kent farm with this issue.
Venom #4 – Lee Price is the current host for the Venom symbiote and he’s not the nicest of guys. He’s not the most likable of guys either. He takes on the Scorpion in this issue in the hopes to please the Black Cat.

What’s you comic load look like this week?

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2 thoughts on “Batwoman Rebirth, Nightwing’s Ass, Spider-Clone Conspiracy Ends and More – Comic Load 2/15/2017

  1. I’ve said it before but Nightwing has the best ass in the DC Universe. Midnighter was able to recognize him from his ass alone. I thought the ending to Clone Conspiracy was anticlimactic. I know they’re setting up things for the Scarlet Spider series but the ending was too abrupt. Batman was really good too. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen an intelligent Bane attacking Batman through his allies. My favorite issue to far is Mighty Thor #16. Volstagg is hilarious in this and it was interesting seeing how petty the Shi’ar gods are. Another great review and another great T-shirt.

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