The second issue from Class Comics superhero team has come out. This is a great issue that has lots of heroics, but also dark circumstances. This is a spoiler filled issue, so be warned.
Written by Patrick Fillion

Art by David Cantero

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2 thoughts on “BriGAYde #2 – Gay Comic Book Review From Class Comics (SPOILERS)

  1. You’re right. That IS terrifying.

    This comic is taking a bit more of a serious bent to the Class Comics storytelling. Usually, things are done much more tongue-in-cheek. I like this, though, and it makes me want to know more about what’s going on and where the story will lead.

    Good review, Paulie!

  2. I really enjoyed this issue. The story is a lot more meaty (giggity) than other Class Comics stories.
    The opening was both joyous and dreadful. It looks like the BriGAYde will be going up against threats they just can’t punch out of. Reverend Freely is definitely scary in his zealotry and Stickman is just creepy AF. I’m really glad that Stephane is a member since we haven’t seen him in YEARS. I wonder how he’ll fit with the team. I’m glad they’re also developing Devilhound’s story and that may include Jon Dazy (such an ass). I hope we learn more about Red Velvet soon…especially how he got his “abilities”. I would like to see a flashback to Doc Solando and Byron’s dad…that would be hot. I can’t wait for next issue.

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