BriGAYde #3 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics (SPOILERS)

It’s the 3rd issue of The BriGAYde from Class comics. This was written by Patrick Fillion and illustrated by David Cantero.

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2 thoughts on “BriGAYde #3 – Gay Comic Book Review from Class Comics (SPOILERS)

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this!

    The BriGAYde universe just seems so much richer than a lot of comic universes lately, and without the benefit of having been constructed over the course of several decades. Stickman is just kind of… terrifying. There IS a fetish out there of people getting off to videos of humans suffering or dying, so the fact that a supervillain turned a profit by doing this to a hero makes for a promising story.

    Great review, Paulie.

  2. Red Velvet’s origin story is such a tragic one. I’m glad Doc Solando was able to use science to turn Red Velvet into a superhero. It looks like someone is framing Jon Dazy and Devilhound will probably have to reveal their affair to get him off the hook. Stick Man is such a creepy villain. I hope Tyler snaps out of it and takes down Stick Man. I really liked the idea of a 70s version of the BriGAYde and I hope it’s followed up on. The really cool thing on the PDF version is during Red Velvet’s performance of “Shine” there’s a Soundcloud link to the song that’s sung by Patrick Fillion. He’s a pretty good singer too.

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