Buffy The Animated Series – Never Happened, But Could Have Been Awesome!


I would love to see a Buffy The Vampire Slayer animated series. I am a huge Buffy fan. Loved the show (I pretend the movie is an alternate universe), loved the spin off of Angel, always hoped for a Faith series, still read the comics and I even check for any potential news of a new spin off or maybe even an animated series. There was talks of a possible animated series back in 2008, and scripts were even written for a first season. But after shopping around to networks, nothing happened with it. There were little teaser art promos and even a 3 minute short video released but it never got off the ground. With the exception of Sarah Michelle Gellar, most of the original cast returned for voice acting.

There are several indepedent artists and animators that have tried their hand at making an online series, but even those have never really taken off. The scene below was made by Stephen Byrne in 2014. It is darn cool! I really with Netflix would pick up this series as I could totally get into a show based on Buffy’s ongoing series.

Would you watch a Buffy animated series?

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Buffy Show